How bad did Worldly people treat you when you were a JW?

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  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I grew up in the Society and had the pleasure of attending Elementary through High School as a Witness. All I can say is that many worldly people did not like JW's and took great pleasure in making mine and other JW's lives as miserable as possible.

    Let's see. Some worldly people would actually hit JW'w because they did not salute the flag. (This in a country that prides itself on freedom of religion). I've been told that JW's worship the Devil and that I'm going to hell because I did not belive the same things they did.

    Of course, I reasoned with myself that Jehovah's People always were Persecuted. Just look at our Brothers in Malawi and what they were enduring, I would think. I remember reading somewhere that it was an honor to be persecuted for Jehovah. For some reason, that really didn't make me feel too much better.

    As time went on, things got a little better.

    Today, I read boards like this and see so many of you who shared and suffered many of the same experiences both in the congregation, and outside of the congregation. I feel very strongly that those of us who were JW's have earned the right to say anything negative about the witnesses. But, for some reason, it bugs the hell out of me when people who never were associated with JW's come to these boards and start making derogatory remarks about the JW's and the JW lifestyle. I really feel that these type of people are just making fun of the crap that JW's had to endure from the Society and the Worldly people.

    For example, the Society had many stupid urban legends. Like for instance Smurfs are demonic. That had to be one of the most stupidest things we were told. But, we had to live throught that. Then, someone who never was a JW comes on here and starts posting stupid stuff about smurf drinks and such. But, they never had to actually experience the bullsh*t rules and regulations Ex JW's had. I feel these type of people have no sympathy to what some of us had to endure on a regular basis.

    Just my 2 cents

  • free will
    free will

    people were very tolerant until i left college. then people would smile a lot around me - like i was crazy. or try not to be around me - like they would catch something. just recently, before i realized my folly, some neighbors invited me and hubby over. but, my husband and i knew we were being invited only to see if the jw was cool. i felt like i was on stage. when they cursed - they apologized, like they were in the presence of god. other times when holidays were around, they would say happy,,,,(whatever) and when i said i didn't celebrate, they replied...oh, i'm they felt bad for me. oh well, i'm having fun saying happy...back, now.

  • talley

    I did not grow up as a JW, but for most of my adult life (am now 61) I was shown more friendship and consideration by 'worldly' people than by the JWs.

    Both my mom and dad's side of the family were so considerate and nonjudgemental that I never cooled relationships with them because it would not be the 'Christian' thing to do. As to worldly friends, they all accomodated my peculiarities; and all were very pleased to receive Christmas Cards from me this year for the first time since 1966!

    It has been the 'worldy' people in my life that have invited me to join them in activities, shown concern for my health and well being, done favors for me, wanted to hang out with me, and kept in contact with me.


  • liquidsky

    I grew up as JW and I can honestly say that during my teen years, the "worldy" kids treated me alot better then the witness kids. Most of the witness girls I knew were quite cruel.

  • berylblue

    I wasn't baptized until I was 30. While people found my new beliefs strange, and loved to argue them with me, it did not alter the way anyone treated me. I was also treated much better by "wordlings" than JWs.


  • wednesday

    The school years were very difficult. the kids riduculed me and the teachers did things that they would never dream of doing now. I'm nearly 50 and back then-kids had no rights. u were open season. my mom did not help it at all either; she'd go to the school and talk to my teachers and assume they were going to be mean to me. even if they weren't before, they did then, b/c they hated her.

    I once met a girl form high school while out in FS, and she sid, 'oh u still with that strange religious group? U were always odd"

    Also, the jw kids that did not follow the rules made it really hard on us that did. one of the jws at my HS ran for cheerleader. she was from a popular family with money-so it was just let slide. I noticed that happened a lot. and oh God, the pep ralleys-having to sit in the library. how i hated it.The jws who compromised made it really hard on us that did not.

    My home town generally hated jws.

  • Bendrr

    Overall I wouldn't say I was treated badly. Of course in school there were always plenty of kids that targeted me for ridicule and bullying. I wouldn't say it was solely because I was a dub, I was also very thin and not very athletic plus fairly smart so that made for being a "nerd" target as well. Once I made it to my junior and senior years of high school, I saw a change in the way I was treated. I guess mostly because we were all getting older maybe. I made some good friends then, but of course had to limit my association with them.

    One friend I made back in 7th grade is still to this day a very close friend, almost like a brother to me. One night we were talking and he told me that during the time I was a Witness and couldn't hang out with him he still considered me a friend and was just waiting for me to escape the Witnesses. In other words, he held our friendship open for that many years because it was that important to him.

    I'd have to say that all the friendships I made with "worldly" folks both when I was in and then after I got out were and are much stronger and deeper bonds than any friendship I ever had while in The Empire. Friendships there are just so conditional and disappear so quickly.


  • mattnoel

    I did have some trouble at school but not all that much, I remember then taking the mickey outta me because of it all but there was a lot of witnesses in my year at school.

    Then when I left that was it, people used to ask me about my religion but I was never exactly "Mr Spiritual" so I got on fine. When I left though a lot of my old friends who I worked with expressed how happy they were that I had left and that they were concerned for my welfare in the religion. All my friends that knew me then and know me now and see the changes say that I look so happy and healthy now, they have never seen me like it before, I also lost 6 stone when I left so I look even better.

  • ARoarer

    My close "worldly" friends and relatives were very good to us and we always remained close inspite of WT. It has been truly enlightening and a comfort to be still very close to them all and now enjoying being part of the human race along with them. They all have remained loyal freinds over the many years. JW's have no clue on what loyalty to family or friend is.

  • minimus

    "Worldly people" treat me better than Witnesses do.

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