The Knock at the Door After the Prayer

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  • Nomad Soul
    Nomad Soul

    That's easy.

    It's true, very true.

    The Witnesses knock so much from door to door, that there is a high chance that they knocked at the same time the person was praying................................

  • greven

    I would reply: "That is funny! I heard simular stories from Mormons and Adventists. What makes your stories different?".

    All cults, especially door knocking ones have simular stories. Not only this one but also how horrible drunks and drug-addicts completely changed their lives by joining the One True Religion(tm). Sadly they are all anecdotal evidence that really proves nothing at all even if they did happen (and sometimes they do).


  • rocketman

    Like graven mentioned, you get a lot of those stories about reformed drug addicts and drinkers from various religious groups. Throw in the stories about how marriages were saved too.

  • Ravyn

    I happened to actually be there on a return visit with my grandmother(who was a nurse) to interrupt a suicide attempt when I was a kid. But I figure it was more like odds than a coincidence. For one thing, JWs are always out in service during the day when a desperately lonely or sad person(usually at home because they ARE desperately lonely or sad...)is at the critical point.Also in the case of the ones who have been up all night crying and praying, well--we are usually there pretty early in the AM. Also many of the return visits are predisposed to such circumstances since JW prey on that situation--the hopeless, depressed, lonely, sad....

    So I think it is probably about 50% coincidence, and maybe 25-50% availability, (and 25% supernatural intervention-- if you might be inclined to believe in that---but not JWs because they are JWs, but because they happen to be the first ones there.)


  • Ravyn

    this also reminds me of the sister who always told me as a liitle kid to 'live each day like it is the last one before armageddon--because one day it will be!' So if you pray every hour for an answer--one of those prayers will be the one that gets answered, and if you pray everyday for the 'truth' one of those days someone will knock on your door and you will think it is the answer to your prayer.... if your gonna pray at all seems to me you need to pray for discernment--since it seems inevitable that prayers WILL be answered sooner or later.


  • bebu

    That last comment reminds me of an episode from Cheers, when Rebecca FINALLY agrees to date Sam. After she leaves, Sam pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket in front of Coach, and says, "I KNEW she'd do this today! I KNEW IT! Look, I wrote it out on a piece of paper that she'd agree to date me on this day!!" Coach reads, "'Today, Rebecca will go out on a date with me. Signed Sam. Dated x/x/x.(that day's date)' That's incredible, Sam! How'd you know that today she would agree to go out on a date?!?"

    And Sam replied, "Oh, I write myself the same note every day..."


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