I attended my first meeting at a KH!!

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  • shera

    Thanks Playdrum,I enjoyed your post.

    It helped.....

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    I also enjoyed your post.


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    Big Tex


    First of all, howdy and welcome! I'd like to say this is one of the most interesting threads I've read in some time. You gave me the opportunity to view the Memorial from an intelligent outside point of view. And looking at things from your viewpoint, I can well imagine how strange and illogical the meeting was. I appreciate your point regarding the talk itself. I have always thought it to be a poorly written outline that does indeed hop around the Bible, carefully choosing a verse here and a verse there to prop up a teaching contrary to Christianity.

    I can tell you paid attention because you noticed how those verses are used out of context with the surrounding text. I've always been a fan of the book of James and you're right, they do use the "faith without works" verse as a mantra to justify not only service, but meetings, studying and all the other garbage Witnesses must do to "prove" their faith to God.

    Again, looking at this from your viewpoint, particularly a Catholic one, I can appreciate how this line of thinking would leave you aghast.

    I had never considered your point regarding the songs however. That might explain why I so rarely sang them. I oftentimes would mouth the words or change them as I found each song to be horribly arranged and the lyrics are just downright embarassing. But taken in a cult context, it does give those songs a more sinister purpose. I can remember on several occasions, after I had stopped attending meetings and only going back once in a while to help my wife with the children, having people walk up to me during the song and try to hand me a songbook and "encourage" me to sing. It always creeped me out and now maybe I understand why. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Jesika

    Welcome playdrums!!!!!!! I also enjoyed your post.

    I haven't been to a meeting in 12yrs, and from the sounds of it, they are still beating the same drum.

  • nowisee

    hi playdrums,

    i too found your post interesting (sort of like being the fly on the wall) - thanks.

    after 9ll i was seeking to rediscover my spiritual connection (after being out of wts for many many years). i contemplated going back to kh - at that time it was my only frame of reference. i knew that if i went back i would be shunned. i knew also that my husband would want to support me in whatever i decided to do. so i had this fantasy that if i went back and was shunned, that they would shun him too without knowing who he was or if he was a potential sheep. i kept thinking how wrong and unfair that would be and that it would be very hard for him to understand or accept. i truly wondered how they would handle it. your posting gave me the answer.

    im so glad i did not go back.

    my best wishes to you, nowisee

  • bebu

    Hi Playdrums,

    Really enjoyed your post. I've never been a dub, and never been to the KH. I appreciated all your comments, especially about music, as I have been long wondering what the heck they must be singing about over there. (Recently, tho, there was an interesting thread where people were commenting on the words of songs stuck in their minds) I wonder if there is an online songbook. I'd like to find out just what is being propaganda is being pummeled into their brains.

    I come from a Catholic background, too. I attend a protestant church now, but I agree with your comments in defense. ... When I was growing up, Bible study was a foreign concept, tho' of course we got a pretty good diet from the OT, Gospel, Psalms, and Epistles each week (some churches only pick a single reading; that's fine too, of course). So I'm glad to see more that Catholics aren't so Biblically illiterate as the ones I knew growing up! Very encouraging!!

    Thanks for coming here!



    Thanks Playdrums, great to read your observations.

    Has Carmen discussed her feelings about the Memorial and her life as a disfellowshipped JW?

    Does she ever come here to the forum? Just curious.

    Anyways, great read, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have went to the memorial for love nor money. I had to work anyways. I served enough red wine and snacks to sink a ship.

    Hope to see more of you on the forum, and hopefully, your girlfriend.

    Best wishes.

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    lol @ hippikon.

    Interesting experience.

  • berylblue

    Great post. Thanks for your articulate insights.

    Oh, Hippikon? Really funny stuff.


  • LeslieV

    I also really enjoyed your post. Thanks for your insight!!! I haven't gone for 5 years sounds like the same old, same old. I hope you can get through to your GF. It is enjoyable to read from someone who is looking at this religion from the outside, in.

    Thanks again


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