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  • nightwarrior

    For many years i kept on praying to god but i often wondered if the prayers ever reached him, i had allways prayed through jesus christ ,untill i started studying the scriptures with jehovahs witnesess, then i was taught that they were gods spoksmen on earth passing themselves of as the faithfull and discreet slave class, hence now my prayers were handled by them , i gave them 15 years of half sevice half bondage ,but my point is they tried to take the place of jesus christ demeaning him,and placing therselves in his place or very close to him,over the years i knew something was wrong, hence my point if you wrote a letter to the queen of england but on the way it became miss directed say for instance to the devil, what would you do once you had found out you had used many years of your life thinking one thing but in reality you were going against gods wishes,in allowing your letter to be miss directed you knew that your letter was being sent to the wrong address but you did nothing about it,because if you did your family would become upset and that you might loose them,would you have the courage to face your convictions or would you allow things to permeate without doing anything about it WOULD YOU STILL LIVE A LIE.


  • Francois

    You are fully able to address your private prayers in private to the proper address. God is not so rigid a postman that he can't see and feel when a letter to him has gone to some other address. He is all-knowing, omniscent, after all. We should have more faith that His Spirit, which lives within us all, hears every prayer, and in fact knows what we need before we utter it to Him.

    Have faith.


  • Ravyn

    Dear Night Warrior,

    you are leaving INTENT out of the equation! certainly if you believe in some God somewhere who is loving and kind, wise and all-powerful, don't you think that he could hear what you were praying about? Maybe it was this same God who finally decided to let you know that you had his name wrong? And even if you don't believe in any god....if you put the positive vibes out there, they will only come back to you with the same frequency and touch everything in between with the good intent you gave them.

    I am bitter about my wasted years too. but I don't think any of my prayers were wasted. if nothing else you expressed yourself and put some kind of substance to your desires. that is always a good thing. what about the times you felt 'Jehovah' answered your prayers? For a long time I had a difficult time justifying that. Someone or something answered those prayers! Was it just my own power of intent changing my own will? Maybe. Who cares if it worked? You are where you are now because of everything you did in the past. And you have to just convince yourself that you are exactly where you are supposed to be with the knowledge that you had. Now you know better. So now make the present more mindful so that your future will be right on track too.

    (who am I writing this to? you or me? LOL)


  • Ravyn


    I am only using the name 'Jehovah' to symbolize the Borg---who knows? maybe there is a god out there named Jehovah(if so he has been grossly misrepresented.)


  • mattnoel

    If you believe there is a god you dont need to go to a KH or temple to worship him, lets face it we dont really know if there is one or not. I believe that if he really wanted us to worship him in a certain way it would be instilled in us like eating and drinking.

    If you believe in a god then you can pray wherever you are and you certainly dont need a million and one books and KH's to worship him, you do it in the way you feel is most fitting.

    Looking forward to Lunch and the sweatshop Mrs

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