Evil Slave Class - Where can I enroll?

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  • Satanus

    Jesus cheeses, you sure want to go low, don't you? It looks like it's still possible to be an evil slave member, even though wt doesn't allow god to anoint new ones anymore. Here is how: join the russelite bible students. That whole group is 'evil slave' since rutherford broke off from them, throwing them out of their headquarters. Here is their website http://www.chicagobible.org/ Also, there are different bible student groups. One of their members visits here sometimes ... http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/member/5568.ashx Good luck.

    evil SS

  • NeonMadman
    It looks like it's still possible to be an evil slave member, even though wt doesn't allow god to anoint new ones anymore. Here is how: join the russelite bible students. That whole group is 'evil slave' since rutherford broke off from them, throwing them out of their headquarters.

    Possible in pragmatic terms, I guess, but technically it still wouldn't work. The Bible Students are a special case, of course, since they broke off from the JW's (or, more correctly as you said, vice versa). And the JW's can often be sloppy about their terminology, referring to all of the Bible Students as "evil slave." But when I was a young dub, we had a Bible Students congregation that met in our territory, so we got a bit more specific about classifying them, since it affected whom we were allowed to witness to.

    A member of the Bible Students who was formerly an anointed JW was a true member of the "evil slave" class. A non-anointed JW who left the Watchtower for the Bible Students was merely an "apostate," no different than a JW who leaves and joins any other "false religion". Someone who was raised as a Bible Student, or who joined them without ever having been a JW, was not apostate at all, and was regarded simply as a member of "Babylon the Great," who could be witnessed to like any other church member.

    So while cheeses might be able to join an "evil slave" group, becoming a true member of the "evil slave" class is impossible unless one was an anointed JW to start with.

  • rocketman

    teeny, that's a very sad account about your great-grandmother. How lonely she must have felt.

  • xjw_b12

    Umhh Excuse me Cheeses, but you are already enrolled and registered as :

    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    In reality, the WTB&TS definition and explanation of "the evil slave class" is simply wrong and misunderstood. It is another fear tatic used to gain and keep people under their control.

    Besides, there is something much worse for the WTB&TS to fear.

    That is ------------ JUDGEMENT ---------------

  • siegswife

    I'm so sorry about you not getting to know your great grandmom, tina. Who's doing the beating here? It sounds like the WTS and it's flock are the guilty party, not the other way around.

    Off topic for a minute...I couldn't figure out the "holy cheeses king of the juice" name for the life of me. Then the other day I read the post that explained it. Duh! I think I need to stand on a ladder so's stuff like that doesn't keep flying over my head.

  • minimus

    Teenyuck, That was a very sad story. I know you were afraid then but are you ashamed now? I think I would be. Originally, Jehovah's Witnesses was said to be all anointed. Then , the term embraced others of the non-anointed "class". So even if there's no real "evil slave class today", because all those old anointed are already dead, we could say yhat the "evil slave class" is in the same situation as the "faithful slave" today. Cheeses, you ALREADY qualify as "evil".

  • little witch
    little witch

    ((((((((((((((((((((Busha Sophia)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and ((((((((((((((((((((((((((Teenyuck))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • teenyuck

    Thanks Guys! I appreciate your thoughts.

    I am not ashamed. I was 5 when my mom joined. Since Busha Sofia was an evil slave from way back, it seemed to be accepted family methods to exclude her from everything.

    I was explaining being a JW to friends last night. They knew I had been one, but did not know why I joined. I explained the family history and the part about Busha Sofia really freaked them out. They asked me how I could ignore my great-grandmother that way? As they asked, they were looking at me with scorn, pity and disbelief. I tried to explain the theory of Satan and demons. They started to get it when they finally understood the JW to be a doomsday cult. They asked how and why I got out.

    All of them used the word cult. None said religion.

    They were fascinated by the door to door work...they thought we were paid to go out in service!! They also said the dubs seem so friendly when they come to the door. I asked them to accept a back-call next time, let me know, I'll show up and tear them apart. They all agreed that if the dubs come to their door, they will get the mags and try to get them back.

    They also asked how I knew so much history of the JWs and all the failed prophecies, etc. I talked about this site and all the other online resources that have helped so much.

    When I heard myself rattling off facts to them, I was amazed at all the factoids I picked up.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed information on the JWs. It really came in useful.

  • minimus

    Teenyuck, I asked the question about being ashamed now because I can relate to your experience somewhat. I remember being a part of a judicial committee that df'd a mother that was very sickly and on death's door. The reason for her disfellowshipping? She decided to live with her daughter that would care for her needs. The daughter "spoke in a apostate fashion" and no longer believed in the "truth". So because the ill mother decided to live there instead of with her barely active JW son, we disfellowshipped her for "casting her lot" with a disfellowshipped person unnecessarily (in our minds). I've asked Jehovah to forgive me for being a part of this action. I am ashamed for my role in this poor, sick woman's disfellowshipping.

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