Comments You Will Not Hear at the 4-20-03 WT Study

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  • Gopher

    Thanks again Blondie!

    What a mind-bending article this one is!!

    Lemme see – here’s my summary of this article:

    Don’t worry about how life craps on you in this present system because you are associated with a scandal-ridden organization. Jehovah MIGHT give his people favorable court decisions, but then again he might allow this system’s wheels of justice to turn. (If we lose court cases, it’s probably the local elders’ fault anyhow.) Jehovah MIGHT protect his people from persecution, but then again he might not. We MIGHT get favorable media reports, but we might not. You might die while this old system is still around, or you might not. Whatever the case, stay loyal to the organization.

    If you stay loyal, you’re probably not good enough to get into the New Order anyway. You’ve been too lazy, materialistic (according to past WT study articles), and your average service time is NOT INCREASING. For shame, you ought to be doing more for us (the WT Society), erm, we mean for JEHOVAH. Maybe you’ll be saved whenever the hell Armageddon comes -- which may or may not be in your lifetime (despite what our organization has promised for the last 125 years).

    Trust us!

    (I’m thinking of the singing snake from the "Jungle Book" Disney cartoon: Trussssssssss-t in me!!-- with wildly spinning eyes mesmerizing the little child.)
  • blondie

    LS, we stayed home and it was more meaningful than any at the KH.

    Gopher, now you've done it, you've summed up all the future WTS. There is nothing left to say.

    Next week's article is about getting along with one another. See how in spite of having done some bad things and having bad qualities, Peter and Jonah still have something good in them. Wow, even those men can't measure up to the WTS standards very well.!


  • minimus

    Blondie, I didn't get the chance to read your observations until now, but nearly everything and every example you gave, is what I expressed to my mother, this afternoon. It is so true that great minds think alike!

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