Jesus Resurection, Voodoo trick or for real?

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  • seedy3

    I just watched a program about Voodoo magic, one point they discussed was the Zombies. The Voodoo witchdoctors have the ability to give a person a poison that slows down the bodies system funtions so slow that even modern medical equipment can not pick it up, then a little later when no one is looking they go out dig up the "body" and resurect them. Now given this point is it at all possible? (and I know many of you will not accept that a hoax would have spawned such a movement as large as christendom) But this actually seem plausable.

    Say for instance, some charismatic preacher said he was the christ returned, lets use Jerry Falwell, hypothetically. He all of a sudden states that he is god in the flesh, to prove it he says he is about to die as jesus did, then all of a sudden he does, he is rushed to the hospital and is pronounced dead, while he is awaiting embalming, he is resurected by a co-conspiriter, he walks out of the hospital, hours, even days after the death certification was made, Now how many do you think would beleive him and start a movement that he really is Christ returned?? I'm sure it would have to be a bit more elaborite, but this is a possibility, and the Jews do have the Kabalah, and some of the accounts of jesus, outside of the bible state, he was a Kabbalist, or a practicer of Egyption magic.

    Any thoughts?


  • gitasatsangha

    Some yogis are also capable of slowing down their life proceses to a very low degree. In one yogic trance state of samadhi, the person can appear dead. There is an interesting site about a possible trip to India by Jesus (or Issa as he is called in Tibet) at:

  • seedy3

    I have read, about this before, I really never put it in that perspective, but yes that is also another thought on the idea that he may have not actually totally died. In one of the writings of Irenious (Early Church Father) he stated that Jesus lived to be somewhere around 100 years old. This would shine a whole new light on the subject and give the possibility of he being a master of mysterious magical arts, that are only just now being examined by outsiders.


  • free will
    free will

    arrgh! turn the light off, turn the light off! ;)

  • Chap

    Hi seedy, are you saying that Jesus exists now? If Jesus' death was a hoax, it can be said that it was the greatest hoax in human history. If I am not mistaken, it has been recently discovered that there is a thin line of water that surrounds the human heart. With that in mind, here is a quote from John.

    John 19:34 King James Version
    But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

    If Jesus wanted to pick a death hoax, why would he choose crucifixion; one of the most torturous if not the most torturous ways to die. Basically, it is death by aphixiation. Every time a person who was hanging on the cross wanted to take a breath, he had to push himself up. If a person took a drug to fall into a sort of sleep, he would have died because he wouldn't be able to push himself up to take breaths. Anyway, if he wasn't dead before the soldier put his sword to him, he surely was dead afterwards.

    Jesus got 39 stripes before he was even put on the cross. The whips used in those days to scourge people had bones, glass, and other small sharp objects on them so the person being whipped litterally got his flesh torn off his body. If Jesus survived, his sorry state would not have inspired hope in resurrection.

  • seedy3

    Hey chap,

    No I am not saying that Jesus existed, actually, I to this point have not fully made up my mind as to, he did, or didn't, I have never seen any reliable proof he has existed. I think even in one thread I made that comment that if he did exist, he was "neither God or the Son of God". As to his existance I feel that the blibical personage did not exist, but Jesus as a human may have, but still there is no solid evidence showing that he did. I guess I started this thread as a thought on the lines that if he is real as a person how it was pulled off to bring him to a divine status.


  • Robdar

    If Jesus really was God come to earth to save us, sure, he was probably resurrected. If he was only a holy man, he could have been a great yogi. Anything is possible. Or, nothing is possible.


  • robhic

    For an interesting perspective on this topic from a scientific, perpheral direction see the book "The Jesus Conspiracy" by Holger Kersten and Elmar R. Gruber. It investigates (with actual experiments!) Jesus' death and the Shroud of Turin, also.

    I read it a few years ago. Very thought-provoking.

  • hooberus

    I agree with chap. the beatings that Jesus endured, as well as the crucifixion, spearing, etc. As well as the fact that even the Roamns thought that he was dead, are more than enough to show that he died.

  • Francois

    Oh no, not the shroud of turin. Next it will be the holy grail. Or a splinter from the true cross. Or the scale that fell from Saul's eyes.

    People must be really, really bored.


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