Is the Dubbers cult going to more digital than printed?

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  • Vidiot

    Getting back to the OP, I wonder what the ratio of WT digital material vs. printed actually is.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Also, you have to look at the simple fact that people in the public tend not to read printed things anymore. Even major papers and magazines have either greatly reduced or eliminated their printing operations and has gone to digital only or pushing digital copies more. Newsweek has gone to a digital only format and the New York Time has greatly reduced their printed copies because no one wants print anymore.

    The cost of technology has been reduced dramatically for consumers. Yes an iPad pro maybe 1000 dollars US, but that is not the only technology. The cost barrier for tablet technology has almost disappeared, with an entry level tablet costing around 60-100 dollars US. While they will still print for people who want a printed piece of material, but they do discourage it for people who will always use a tablet and just want a printed bound volume in order to complete their collection and never actually use it.

  • nonjwspouse

    abso f*ing lutly. I personally saw this one coming from the beginnings of the website with literature. It just made too much cost sense NOT to require the R&F to print out materials on their own dime. Plus, introducing more materials online with no printing expense, minimal "changes" expense. to the literature that is a constant happening. Then they call anything not current, is an apostate lie. It's all too easy to pull that wool over the brainwashed eyes.

  • schnell
    Poor trees, getting made into THAT.

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