I went to the Sunday Meeting!

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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    First of all, let me explain a couple of things:

    I am the original writer of this information (about me going to the Sunday Meeting).

    I E-Mailed this information to Bill Bowen on Monday morning, and I told Bill that he could send the information out in his E-Mail List if he wanted to.

    Bill then sent the information out to his E-Mail List, but he did not clarify that it was "UnDisfellowshipped" who went to the Meeting instead of himself. It's okay, I don't think Bill did it intentionally. I don't mind at all.

    You can ask Bill Bowen to confirm this info, at [email protected]

    I did not check to see if this information was already posted on JWD or not, before I posted this Thread.

    I probably should let Randy @ Freeminds know about this too.

    I'm just explaining this so you will know that I certainly did not, and I would never ever, take credit for writing something that I did not write.

    I definitely am not Bill Bowen, however, I do support him and the silentlambs.

  • Gopher

    I'm glad you explained what happened. That would have seemed "out of character" if you had actually plagiarized someone else's material.

    Since this had been posted on this forum before, a number of us immediately recognized the content of the post. If you had explained in your first post that Bill printed your story, that would have been much better. I thought that Bill had actually gone back to the Hall to see how the information would come across, but now I know that it was you. Thanks for a good post.

  • mattnoel

    Classic example of their brainwashing tactics - Damn dont it make you hate em even more !

  • Hamas

    I still dont trust you.

    Only kidding

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