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  • rocketman

    Rebel, I wish you well. Hopefully, he'll be in an okay mood. Thing is though, he'll perhaps be asked where you are and why you did not come, and thus me may take that out on you in some way.

    Actually, when I was spirtuallly 'strong' and I'd sometimes be there w/o my wife, I'd get asked, and it would bother me, and I actually did feel some hostility toward her. That's what that religion does. I never got angry w her or anything like that, but I was disappointed in her at times. In fact, it got worse when I was an elder because you then need to have the family in tow or else you're looked upon as maybe not having good control over your family.

  • rebel

    Thanks for your good wishes - things weren't as bad as I thought they would be.

    I am so glad I didn't go. I was reading Wednesday's post, and I know I would have been treated the same and I am a coward and couldn't go through with it.

    Rocketman - thanks for your post. I do try to see things from hubby's point of view. I know it was difficult for him to go without me for the first memorial I have missed in 18 years, but I am still glad I didn't go. It sort of feels like I am more free, in a strange sort of way.


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