[SYN] is Irish!!!

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    *Raises hand*

    Another 50 percenter here. Dad's side. Irish, the whole lot of them. Also, I'm 25 percent Russian (though German speaking) and 25 percent German. Three reasons to get drunk!

    The people who make out that Ireland is awash with redheads have clearly never been to Ireland - a more typical Irish look would be much darker hair, often black.

    My Dad has black hair with hazel eyes. Though, his two younger brothers are redheads.


  • SYN

    Vivamus, I meant what I wrote. In fact, what I wrote was an understatement

  • Matty

    If you think that the Dutch are sexually repressed SYN, then you must be into some seriously weird stuff. I can't imagine what you must get up to of an evening. I only hope they keep Johannesburg Zoo well locked up at night!

  • SYN

    With girls like this, can you honestly blame us?

  • Vivamus

    Blonde girl talking here. SYN, are you in need of a serious spanking with those remarks??? :P

  • SYN

    I'm always in need of a good spanking! See, Vivamus understands me and knows that the [SYN] you see here is a super-sanitized version of the real person behind the posts...see Dubbies 2 if you don't get it...

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