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    Reading Rachel's post reminded me of the wonderful spiritual paradise they have. Wow. The JWs are just so much better than everyone else.

    Bradley -- (who, at various times in my JW life, was all of the types of brothers she described)

  • JT

    as you read thru these they show just how little life a jw really has esp the women, while it is true in many places the male/female ratio is not always balance in wt it is worst and that is why sister are left looking at men who are total LOSER,

    IT REMINDS one of when it is about to snow and you go into the store and there is only one loaf of bread left and it is all mashed up, but since that is the only one left many times one says


    well that mindset is the mindset of a jw woman who marries the 48yr old who lives with his mom, with the pens in his top shirt pocket and drives the Ford Fairlane

    I wanted to get some discussions going on issues that particularly pertain to us, as ones who are single. You never know, your idea or experience may be just what someone needed to hear right now. I think one of the issues we have to deal with sometimes is loneliness. Mind you, loneliness is an emotion that anyone can feel. A person can be in a crowded room and still feel lonely, at the same time a person can feel quite content in their solitude. I think just about everyone feels lonely at different times in their lives. So when that feeling comes over you, how do you deal with it?
    The society has printed some very helpful advice over the years. Staying close to Jehovah and praying for help to cope with the loneliness is a start. Keeping busy is another big help too. Some brothers and sisters have given some specific ideas that have helped them. For example someone mentioned learning a new hobby, perhaps learning to play an instrument. Do you have any more thoughts?
    Alot of us have kids. Some of them live with us, someof them don't. When the kids are there, we can throw ourselves into enjoying them and taking care of them. But when they're not, or when they've gone to bed, and we get hit with that feeling of loneliness; then that time can be a particularly difficult one. On top of this can be the anguish of knowing that they have a whole other life, that we're not apart of anymore. What do you do when that happens?
    I know in my situation, that when I get a visitor, I drop everything and will just sit and talk for as long as they are there. Even if I feel a bit low or if they've come early and the housework isn't done. (I never seem to get visitors when the housework is all done) I so appreciate having another adult to talk to. When I go out with some friends, or witnessing, or visiting I really enjoy the company and the conversation. The sharing of thoughts, views and idea's with another adult is such a good feeling. I've also come to really enjoy talking on the internet to others from all over the world (when I can get the time zone thing right). But even during these times the feeling of being alone can still be sitting in the back of my head. It can really weigh a person down with a deep inner sadness. Smiling on the outside, sadness on the inside. We hide it because we don't want to make others feel uncomfortable. We want to be positive and encouraging. But you will notice the other singles around you. And in my case the other single parents. And you just know that they get that sometimes too.
    So how do you deal with it? Do you have a view point you would like to add? Or perhaps what your experience has been in having that feeling too? I'd really appreciate someone picking up the thread and adding a reply. Even though we all have different circumstances, we're all in the same 'singles' boat. It can be encouraging to know that.
    Bye for now,


    Hi ya Kia!

    All I have to say is pray, pray and pray. When I feel like I can't go on the thing that helps the most is to make sure I'm at the meetings. When I don't feel like I like myself I go out in service. I have also learned along time ago the only time I get guest is when the house is in disaray. I have learned not try and do the cleaning before my service either. My divorce was so terrible I didn't have time to be lonely. U could liken mine to a fire. I lost everything but what was most important my children. I share one in the custody. So when I have her I make sure I do as much with her spirtualy as I can. She will now ask if she can pray over a meal and will also ask for blessing when about to study. Her father hated the turth and I know that I am her link to Jehovah. I think now after 21 months is when I'm starting to feel lonely. I think mostly what I was first more for fleshly desires. Now I know I am more directly lonely wanting to speak spirtual things with. When my children are not with me I pray she is in Jehovah's hands at that point and trust me I have to leave it there. I really can't think of one more capable of giving it to. I have went back to school twice I think once I find the right job for me It will also help. I have increased with all my meetings, studing and preaching like never before. In tern a great love from the friends has been extended. I also make sure when I am at the hall I give all the single sisters hugs I am a touchy person. That does help!!As I love them I think of thier endurance even up in age its an example. I have also found that exersice is a blessing. It makes u tired at night and helps fight depression. Not that I have joined a club but just a brisk walk or if Im upset a walk with some good OLD tunes can help! I extend my self to invite ones over and dine and movies watch tower study, roller skating. I can say it has helped but I do believe praying has helped. Love covers everything and nothing like hitting your knees when in need. I guess I keep trying to give what I need in some way , the love of the friends and many of them. Just what has helped me.

    yeah i had and experience a few years back.... it was the fad her to have
    formal dances with dinners provided. and a very spiritual sister was getting
    them together for her sons....... and they were gonna charge a small fee to
    get in the door...... like five bucks. which included the meal and
    everything. and the circuit overseer happened to be visiting the
    congregations there about and heard about it......... and he said that
    having them was up to her but to charge for it wasnt correct. and gave her
    some articles to look up. the formal aspect of it he pointed out was like
    having costume partys and had an article for that and then had a seperate
    article about makeing money on the brothers and sisters. and well needless
    to say she decided to have the dance........... without chargeing and at a
    different place......... and then that was her last formal. the rest of the
    dances she had were done with the whole bring a dish and drink thing which i
    liked better anyways lol.......... and what does this all have to do with
    the subject at hand lol. well if i wasnt supposed to pay for something like
    that.............. then i definately wouldnt pay the money they
    charge....... personal opinion of course. :)

    man we all can be thankful we are out of wt

  • mattnoel

    Look atthe MSN site JWSingles - look at the pics - MARG LOOKS HOT !!!! almost makes me think about going back for some Marg Luvin'

  • seawolf
    Look atthe MSN site JWSingles - look at the pics - MARG LOOKS HOT !!!! almost makes me think about going back for some Marg Luvin'


  • mattnoel

    Glad you agree seawolf - perhaps we should start a Marg appreciation thread.

  • Ravyn

    why is it that when I was a JW all I ever knew were desperate WOMEN...yet now I am free all I know are desperate MEN? (I grabbed me a good one within a year!)

    maybe this is the key to the downfall of the Borg? All the desperate men need to hit on all the desperate JW women and corrupt them! wish I had been corrupted sooner....


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