What happens to old worn out Kingdom Halls?

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  • Maverick

    As the Account Servant, (and local remodeling contractor) in two different Halls that went through growing pains I am familiar with some of the upgrades. Both were sold to churches is the area. Funny how the J-dud masters tell you it is bad to work for Christendom but it is OK for the 'Brotherhood" to profit from selling property to them. And both these Halls were pits! Duct tape and bailing wire fixeups! I know the buyers got burned in both deals! People should know that if Witnesses are selling a building it is a rat infested, dump. They are so cheap they will keep a building until it is worthless and the CO comes and tells them to get their act together and look for a new site.

    I stopped bringing my work vehicles to quick-builds because the 'friends' thought nothing of opening up the back, climbing in, and walking around to check out my tools and borrowing anything they wanted. I'd spend half an hour rounding up my tools at the end of the day. Ten year olds would be hammering rocks and playing with my $ 25 framing hammers! Boy, don't get me started on the K-Halls! Maverick

  • xjw_b12

    2 in my area.

    1. Now a Victory Family Church.

    2. Day Care Centre.......shudders.

    LOL at stephanus, I knew he was going to post that pic as soon as I saw this thread.

    The old wornout JWs just keep going there.

    Best comback line to undecided HAHAHAHA

  • Dansk

    My old KH was sold just a few weeks ago - to a faith healer!

    The JWs went around condemning everyone else's religion as being born of Satan but when it came to money they snatched the guy's hand off! Typical!! Hypocritical @^5$%**!!!


  • TresHappy

    The old one in our city is now where Weight Watchers meets.

  • searchfothetruth

    One of the Manchester congregations has its hall, and the overseer has his flat, in a converted church, with steeple and stained glass windows.

    Its amazing what reasons you can come up with to use a church when you need a hall isn't it.

  • JamesThomas

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