New mindset of JW's.......?

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  • DJ

    Hi integ,

    I have to say that I know what you are saying. You've given this more than a little thought. You're right imo because the pedophile issue, if it EVER becomes public knowledge among jw's would most likely be dismissed in their minds due to imperfection or apostate liars who want to persecute us....or blame it soley on the perpetrator and give no resposibilty to the elders to handle it.....etc....but the UN thing is different. I will never forget the look on my mom's face when I told her that the wt was involved with the UN. Then the elders told her that they just needed a library card and she believed that! If it can be shown that the whole library card excuse is a lie.......they are dead. There is no scapegoat. The wt would be exposed as the liars that they are. Who could they blame? Only themselves. dj

  • metatron

    My greatest hope for this sick cult - and many of the good people stuck in it - is that they get forced

    into committing a major misstep - setting the stage for their dissolution.

    This is not without precedent - the whole voluntary contribution thing turned against them, causing a loss rather than

    a great gain of revenue. They've made a number of gaffes since - in part because they have little understanding of people

    or the world around them. Everything they see is interpreted thru the blindness and sterility of Watchtower teachings.

    I won't say ( lurkers!) where I think this mistake might take place - the pedophile issue MIGHT be enough if they get

    forced into large payouts. Keep your ears open - and the 'backchannels' clear.


  • badboy


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