New mindset of JW's.......?

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  • integ

    I feel that the "true" feelings of a great percentage of jw's today is more along the lines of hoping that the society will somehow self destruct and they can be free, and that they feel trapped in this religion. Many jw's have confided with me...albeit in guarded terms, that they want out...But they can't do anything because of family and peer pressure. It is a very guarded society, under a collective dictatorship regime. You are literally "scared" to say anything. The fear of a judicial committe hearing is very real to these people. When this "regime" of terror finally falls, I think there will be rejoicing, much like in Baghdad, with people literally "dancing" on the literature. We need a major scandal, the pedophile issue is'nt enough. I say this because it is not something the rank and file in most cases can "see" for themselves. Let's be honest. This pedophile issue is not going on in a great majority of the congregations, so to the dub layman, they are isolated incidents that can easily be attributed to human imperfection. No, we need something BIG to happen. I don't know what, but I am certainly open to suggestions.

  • blondie
    pedophile issue is not going on in a great majority of the congregations,

    That you know of. I am aware of 9 cases, 2 very recent, and the vast majority of people in the congregations involved haven't a clue. What you mean is that the WTS has skillfully hidden the scope of this problem from the rank and file. What makes you think that the WTS can't use the same techniques to hide any problem in the congregation? Elders are told they can lie to keep it secret. I believe in "saving" people from the WTS one person at a time when they are ready.

    Blondie (to integ who doesn't seem to be in the KH information loop)

  • integ

    I have to reply to my own post.....I think the UN issue is pretty big....The info just needs to be disseminated somehow. When a lot of people start to leave. it will be like a snowball effect. At least that is my fervent prayer. If there is a God, please stop this insanity, Thank You....AMEN.

  • integ


    I am in no way trying to make light of the pedophile issue...It is very serious to say the least, I am just relating what I feel to be the dubs mindset on the issue...If the" dubs" actually conceived of the seriousness of this, then I think maybe a lot would leave...I would settle for one "congregation" at a time leaving myself.

  • Buster

    Integ, nice point. I'll bet you're right, many dubbies could never picture themselves leaving of their own volition. But many just wish it would end. That way they'll never have to accept that they were so mislead and that they themselves mislead so many.

    But I gotta tell ya, that 'pedophile issue' is much more than the rare and occasional event. No doubt it seems rare to the R&F. But I attribute that to the secrecy and the JW nature to see the Society as some holy, inviolate temple.

  • minimus

    As a former elder for many years, I can say that pedophilia was NOT a major occurence. I am not discounting that it happens and has happened. But the average JW will not let some or few of these incidents shake their faith. Integ, I don't know what you mean that something big has to open and that you are open for suggestions. are you planning on doing something big?........There are now 2 camps of JW's. One is faithful and zealous. The other is unbelieving and there in the flesh only. It's just a matter of time for the space takers to eventually get out. The die-hards will always await new lite. They are the ones that have a need to put faith in the organization. They are the true believers. They always need to feel good about themselves and the "truth" is what does it for them. .....So basically, I'm saying that the organization is already divided in two. Those that still go but do not REALLY believe, are already out. This is the "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" in the 21st century. It's already dissolving, right before your eyes.

  • DIM

    I have to agree w/ Minimus mom and dad would never ever leave, no matter what happened. They don't care about any scandals or anything, those couldn't matter less.

  • DevonMcBride

    Only the Watchtower can create their own scandals or problems. You can't do it for them. If you did something BIG it wouldn't be their scandal at all. It would be yours.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The inexorable ticking of the clock ain't helping them either. What are they going to do in less than eleven years, celebrate the Centenary of the Kingdom's Birth with a big lawn party at Patterson, or one of those high-level, invitation-only events at the Stanley Theater?

    It never seems to faze the dubbies that these buggers have NEVER gotten it right in more than 120 years of crying `wolf'!

  • rocketman

    I agree with Minimus too....and something you said integ is very interesting - namely, that many jws already wish they could leave (like I felt for so many years). Maybe that's the ticket - so many wanting to leave that one day the trickle may become more of a stream, and the WTS just won't be able to keep the proverbial finger in the dyke. Who knows?

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