Do You Ever Think Of This While Driving?

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    Back in 1994, I was residing in Vancouver for a few months.

    My cousin, he had a small business that I used to help him with. He would clean windows, clean out eavestroughs, gutters and general yard work.

    One evening when business was slow, he drove over to North Vancouver. That was nice enough, but this one night he felt we should go from driveway to driveway, knocking on the doors of the residents, to see if they would like any yard work done.

    Well my ANXIETY kicked in like you wouldn't believe it. He was puzzled at my sudden display of stress and grief.

    It was like going: door to door. Almost 10-11 year flashback.

    When I told him, he totally understood. We discussed this for hours. He was super cool about it. He knew my history with the JWs. Thank goodness.

    I can see that...driving, and having those small nuances of 'door-to-door ministry'.

    Glad I don't have to do that anymore. (wipes forehead with relief)

  • rocketman

    Of course, the WTS claims that their "work" is not results oriented. But the wasted amount of time is huge. Most days, I felt like all I did was drive around in circles.

    Thanks for the comments. :)

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