April 2003 KM: ``Mind Your Manners in Public"

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    A 192-page JW publication: worthless.

    An FDS prophecy: useless.

    The following hilarity from Minimus:

    How thankful we can be that the "faithful slave" has seen to it to give us "winsome words", always at the right time! We surely do appreciate how Jehovah God is teaching and instructing his people in these "last days". We are delighted with such "healthful teaching", as it continues to assist us during such "critical times, so hard to deal with". For, if the "faithful slave" stopped giving us these important reminders, we would be as the world is, as ones having "no foundation". Truly, we can be joyful that our "happy God" cares about us as we "serve shoulder to shoulder" with the "worldwide brotherhood" in this unmannered worldly system. We are in an "arena" and we are "spectacles" in this "system of things".



  • ARoarer


    That really got me. Who the hell were they to tell you what hotel you had to stay in. The Society does not tolerate those who go against thier controls. Just looking back on the rules and regulations makes me embarrased that I even belonged to such a religion. Those "brothers" got off on reporting the names of those hotel rebels to the PO. My husband even got talked to about not staying in a recommended hotel while we were on vacation. Gawd, can you imagine?

  • blondie

    ARoarer, I can imagine. There are a lot of anal-retentive JWs out there who get their jollies exercising "power" over the masses. I was shocked too. I just told the sister not to put on their lapel cards until they got to the convention site or to cover them up. That's what they did. Nothing amazes me any more, nothing that I saw done or that people report here. It is a sick group but they are not alone. I am reading a book on spiritual abuse and they don't even mention JWs because there are plent of controlling religious groups out there.


  • Matty

    Blondie, it's just extraordinary what lengths they go to to keep us in line!! Here's another quote that has to be seen to be believed:

    Kingdom Ministry April 2003 Page 3 "Gathering Together to Praise Jehovah" Paragraph 4:

    Where the stadium management allows delegates to bring their own food, it is requested that you bring your own lunch rather than leave the convention site to obtain food during the noon break. Your co-operation with this arrangement contributes to a peaceful atmosphere and allows more time for association with fellow believers. (Psalms 133:1-3) Please bear in mind that glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the convention facilities.

    They don't like us wandering off using the local pubs and restaurants so now they want to imprison us in the grounds! Next year they'll lock everybody in and employ border guards with Kalashnikov Rifles to stop us wandering off at lunch time!

  • basics-for-me

    I got my KMs dropped off for me the other day.....

    Having read your post, I was reminded as to why I just scan the front cover over and put them, (along with the wt/a) in a tidy pile for recycling.....A much better use!

  • gumby

    LMAO at you guys! Gawd this is a funny one!

    Francois, you breeder of woman at assemblies! Shame on you!

    I must also admit.....my arnry, witness hatin dad was right all along when he said about the witnesses, "their the cheapest sonsabitches in the world". ( he kinda cussed alot )

    Why is it that a people that is so trained, so reminded, so scripturally taught........are the worst for being tight? I'm not saying all Witnesses are tight and that some don't freely give of their dough.......but the average dub is a tight ass!

    BTW....I still have some of those shampoo's I snagged from the motels a few years back!



    Two years ago, in a "To All Congregations in..." letter read in our area, JWs who lived within 50 miles of the convention site were expressly forbidden to lodge in any hotel, whether on the approved list or not. I assumed (of course, it was never explained) the reason to probably be that locals were booking rooms out-of-town delegates needed. Regardless the reason, though, imo, the Society clearly demonstrates the outlandish degree to which it flexes its abusive authority when it presumes to forbid ---not request!---anything that so plainly falls within the parameters of personal choice and preference.


  • Stephanus

    Didn't the Society used to arrange for Dubs to be billeted with non-Dubs (for an opportunity to witness) in days gone by? Why did they stop? Is it because they are now receiving kickbacks for their bulk-bookings with hotels? (Whenever you're dealing with Society rules, "Show me the money" is always an apt approach)

  • Matty

    When I was a child I used to spend more time on the "rooming work" than I did on the proper ministry!! I think we don't do stuff like that anymore because there are much more conventions than there used to be and they are much much smaller, therefore there isn't such a serious accommodation need as there used to be.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Roo 215: thanks for you post and the comments.

    Your conclusion is a realistic view of facts.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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