April 2003 KM: ``Mind Your Manners in Public"

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Now that it's dispensed with its annual ``Don't You Dare Partake" in advance of their Spring travesty of a communion, the Faithful and Discreet Slave shifts its focus to another seasonal perennial: the KM's recurrent exhortation to ``Mind Your Manners at this summer's District Conventions.

    By ``connecting the dots" between the leadership's admonition to mind one's manners at the hotel, to tip approriately, to avoid ``double-dipping'' by eating and then loading up on unapproved takeaways for lunch at hotels that prvide complimentary breakfast, to refrain from losing all inhibitions in after-hour socializing and to forego the donning of outlandish skin-tight (or conversely loose fitting ``hip-hop" outfits) forte duration of the assembly, a picture quite different from the idealized notion of JWs being a worldwide fraternity of solidly mature, temperate ministers who lives find fulfilment only in the service of God and their fellow man.

    What sort of adults need to be lectured in such terms, let alone a group that boasts of its aloofness from Satan's world? What does it suggest about leadership's awareness of how far removed from reality the rank and file is from their literature's stylized imagery? It also offers an unintended glimpse at how total servility to human leaders has led to dependence on authority that is nothing short of infantile.

  • Gopher

    Your post reveals the way things really are. The WT Society would like the world to believe, and would wish that they had "a worldwide fraternity of solidly mature, temperate ministers" as you put it, but those types within the JW organization are outnumbered by the people in these two classes:

    (1) The "scofflaw" class - who read the April KM and merely laugh, and will do things their own way no matter how many times they are told, begged, or whatever by the WT Society to behave themselves, and

    (2) The "follower" class - who breathlessly await their next instruction on how to think and how to act, and could not possibly LIVE (or figure things out in a common-sense manner) without detailed instructions from their spiritual mother.

  • gitasatsangha

    bunch of mindless micromanaged automatons and autocratic neanderthals. and to think WE BELONGED TO THIS SHIT!

  • Matty

    A lot of Witnesses need to be told how to behave in hotels, they're like monkeys let out of the zoo for the day. I have seen for myself the bad behaviour of Witnesses, y'know - the usual Loud talking late into the night when I'm trying to get some sleep, kids running up and down the corridors screaming. And brothers and sisters stuffing croissants and blueberry muffins in their meeting bags at breakfast? Well they wouldn't do that if they had food at the convention grounds like they used to!

  • minimus

    How thankful we can be that the "faithful slave" has seen to it to give us "winsome words", always at the right time! We surely do appreciate how Jehovah God is teaching and instructing his people in these "last days". We are delighted with such "healthful teaching", as it continues to assist us during such "critical times, so hard to deal with". For, if the "faithful slave" stopped giving us these important reminders, we would be as the world is, as ones having "no foundation". Truly, we can be joyful that our "happy God" cares about us as we "serve shoulder to shoulder" with the "worldwide brotherhood" in this unmannered worldly system. We are in an "arena" and we are "spectacles" in this "system of things".

  • TresHappy

    This is an absolute travesty. No doggy bags in public...

  • cruzanheart
    Well they wouldn't do that if they had food at the convention grounds like they used to!

    Yes, they would!


  • be wise
    be wise

    'Loose baggy clothing', 'Hip Hop outfits'. haha, honestly you are killing me. You should listen to yourselves, sometimes.


  • rocketman

    My wife and I used to wonder each year why such "reminders" were needed. Some of the stuff, like jws hoarding food that was served at the hotels for breakfast, were amazing.


    I`ve seen dubs (of every rank,elders and all the way up the chain of command) load up on anything and everything they could get their hands on in hotels..Many are unbelievibly selfish and self serving if WBTS dosen`t keep a leash on them.Even then most will do as they wish....Without constant WBTS guidence,many JW`s are worse than a bad 12 year old child...OUTLAW

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