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    Finally, a truly wacky conspiracy theory to comment on! Haven't had one of those around these parts for a few months!

    I was a member of a mind control cult religion for 20 years.

    Me, about 14 years. And yes, some of the higher castes did appear to be reptilian, if not physically, then at least the speed of their thought processes exhibited definite reptilian qualities.

    The religion is known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, otherwise known as Jehovah's Witnesses. I started with them in 1969, being attracted to their message of paradise on earth after having gone through the Vietnam war with my husband. I had two children whom I raised as Witnesses. But thankfully they are out now. I was happy for a few years, until the religion became more demanding and controlling. In 1987 there began to appear in the artwork subliminal drawings in their books and magazines depicting bizarre faces and strange messages. Eventually I experienced a psychic awakening by which I was enabled to actually 'see' through walls and able to follow the activities of the leaders.

    This is commonly known to medical science as mescaline. You may want to consult a doctor, or alternatively, a policemen. Both will place you in a cell, although the doctor will select one with padded walls in all likelihood.

    In September of 1988, at a small convention, I had a chance to walk up to one of the governing body 'elect' to speak to him privately. At that time I thought that they were the 'good' guys and someone was run amuck at headquarters. He was about 5'10". He had dark hair, heavy and powerfully built. His name was Daniel Sedlik and his was of Polish origin. As I reached out to shake his hand, he turned to return the shake. I looked into his eyes and was startled and somewhat terrified to see a thin membrane drop over his human eyes. I don't know if the membrane came from the bottom of his eyelid, or the top. But it was there, and I'd never heard of lizard beings, but I remember thinking how much his eyes looked like those of a lizard. The membrane dropped over his eyes when he looked at me and he seemed to recognize me, although at the time I couldn't imagine why. The sense of terrible danger that I had and the need to get away from him was overwhelming. Thankfully, others of the 'flock' spotted him and kept him from following me.

    Sheesh. I guess he was going beyond the Scriptures by blinking like that. Isn't it a pity that Ted Jaracz didn't expose his true reptilian nature during that impromptu Dateline interview? *sigh*

    It was after that that a reign of terror began against myself and my family. My telephone was tapped and I was followed.

    Typical Elderly behaviour. You weren't engaged in any sort of adultery or smoking at the time, were you? For every unearthly situation, there is usually a fairly mundane explanation. In this case, you were just being monitored very carefully by extremely devoted members of a cult who were under the impression that you were being naughty in some vague, Bible-based(TM) way.

    Also a series of what I now know were psychic attacks began. This kept up unmercifully for several years.

    You should have told your dealer to cut your blow with some powdered glass. Works a treat, let me assure you.

    I finally learned to protect myself and I began a path of awakening.

    This was probably when he began cutting it with strychnine, having run out of baby powder.

    I am not a weak or cowardly person, and I was deeply offended that, as I understood it, these people were using the cover of religion to hide illegal activities.

    Well, that at least is true. But is it illegal to be a reptilian invader? One wonders...imagine that as another Amendment then, "Thou shalt not be or appear to be (not even for Furry contests) a Reptilian Invader. Thou shalt especially not blink oddly in the vicinity of highly impressionable people on mescaline."

    As I researched their documents and books, I began to uncover a trail of drug running, plots to destroy the world and take it for their own, and arms running.

    That one about destroying the world didn't happen to involve a vengeful ultrapatriarchical god called Jehover by any chance, did it? If it did, then we're in deep sh*te! Oh, and Watchtower magazines do not classify as lethal weapons, unless you are in immediate need of a blood transfusion.

    Even down to the local congregation being used as a route for drug smuggling. I took my mountains of evidence to the DEA and met with them. Their response? Either I was a genius or totally insane.

    By this point, evidence for the latter far outweighs that for the former!

    I learned that they had hidden rooms under the streets of Brooklyn, NY where they have their headquarters where the old Brooklyn subway used to be, which is now abandoned. There they practice Satanic ritual, including the sacrifices of human infants and the breeding of human females in order to keep the demand up of infants for their sacrifices.

    Yes, they're called Pioneers. You can recognize them by the dishcloths they wear on top of their heads in the presence of babies at all-women Field Service Arrangements.

    They are totally self-sufficient, and they use blood in the ink of their magazines.

    WHOA! THAT'S a new one! "Hey dudes, we could cut our costs if we use blood to print our magazines!" "But it's banned in the Bible!" "Who cares, as long as we cut costs?" "Okiedok."

    They make their own ink. The purpose of this is that if they can get their magazines into the homes of people, the vibrations of the magazines begin to break down the will and mind of those who have their magazines and books in their home. I warn people on a personal level never to allow their materials into their homes.

    So do I, but I don't say they print them with blood. In my opinion, Watchtower magazines should only be allowed in homes as the coverings of the bottoms of cages which contain large numbers of budgies, for the purpose of irony.

    A friend and myself tried warning people through the news media with no success. She finally had a complete nervous breakdown and has never fully recovered. Eventually I came to understand that the leaders are not fully human, but are the offspring of something alien to this earth.

    Parallel evolution rears it's remarkably ugly head again, unnoticed.

    They are too cunning, lethal, and intelligent to have originated from here,

    Have you ever met Robert Mugabe? Didn't think so. He makes these reptilian dudes look like fooking AMATEURS!

    and there has to be an overrace of beings guiding them from some dimension.

    Which one, exactly? You really don't understand what a dimension is, do you? Hint: It's not a PLACE!

    They are here for one reason only. They look at humans as a source of enslavement for their enjoyment to torment and abuse, to misuse power and to cruelly punish and kill. I have overcome my fear of them, and I look to the love and goodness of the Source of All Life to deal with them appropriately, although we must do our part to stand opposed to them and anyone like them. My own personal experience very much validates David Ickes warnings.

    Ah, David Icke, one of the only people I know who can take the phenomenally incorrect science of The Matrix and transform it into an even more incorrect and taller tale involving reptilian creatures from another world. Wonderful.

    x 10 ^ 10 ^ 10!!!

    [SYN], Slightly Doubtful but Still Hoping Class.

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    Azalo the hit & run poster pops up and disappears again

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    i'm glad you enjoyed the article Syn, btw why havent you been exposing the wackiness that goes on on jwzone lately? got tired of grannymoody or whatever her name is

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