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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    If any one was so inclined to go back to 2013 on the site and locate the posts on the note takers reporting on the 2013 convention [the release of the RNWT and GB demanding obedience] there were two note takers who reported on the main talk "Human Apostates" that there was a new tactic being used, letter writing to the publishers homes. The main subject of those letters was a elder Joe Moore. Joe Moore was the presiding elder on the my appeals committee.

    During that judicial my case centered on Shasta County Superior Court case #109555 a $4,250,000 unregistered securities swindle by a San Diego swindler Ray Dale. [Joe and had conversation prior as Ray's political ambitions with in the JW community]. When I said court case, Joe said "the Brenda Becker case. I said "what'. He quickly realized he let the "cats foot out of the bag" and quickly switched line of thought. That was December 2004. In 2005 I lost 5 sons 10 grandchildren, gained a dose of cancer and $36,000 annual alimony.

    In 2007 I hired a private investigator who uncovered Shasta County Superior Court case #149893 where Ray Dale was swindling another widow out of $100,000. On 12-26-2007 I taped court case #149893 to KH doors. on 12-31-07 a Jr. Wheeler had a heart attack. My #5 son was on the fire truck, did the CPR and oxygen. He told me he could see real terror on Jr's face as Jr was the main elder responsible for the Lev.5:1 Sept1 1987 Wt article "A Time to Speak When?" fiasco, as he was confronted with the face of the son of the man who had stalked him in letters to publishers homes. Turns out Jr. tried to get #5 son to suck his penis.

    It was Balamass post a couple of weeks ago that what I was doing had a technical term "intentional infliction of emotional distress". Of course that was what Merton Campbell was doing suppressing court case #149893!

    A few months ago I did a post outing Balamsass as being Joe Moore. I taped the info on KH doors that Joe was a apostate posting on a apostate web site. Balamsass came back on saying basically i was FOS. So did 3rdgen. Shortly there after Balamsass commented on Merton Campbell, the No. Calif. Service Desk as being "a pompous ass". It was Campbell who was suppressing the court case #149893.

    A couple of days ago I did a post on 60 Minutes "Here There are Blueberries". I taped that to the KH doors. So in Redding the drama is who is going to get who. Will I induce a heart attack on Joe Moore? Will the church literally destroy me? Will CBS news see the connection between "A Time to Speak When?" and how the persecuted becomes the persecutor? This is a story centered on the "shunning policy". Does the suicides equal the death's of "Here There Are Blueberries"? Does the "purple triangle" become the executioners? Do the adherents of the JW faith become complicit Nazi's?

    So that is the mystery on the "letters" of the 2013 talk "Human Apostates".

    In that 60 Minutes email there is another question raised; can I turn a phrase in a newspaper article into a million dollars? If so then I can figure out the identity of Balamsass using a PM from 3rdgen a few years ago, Balamsass bio. and his intelligence on this site to uncover his identity. Joe Moore was a electrician, one of the sharpest elders in the Redding area, hence used as presiding elder on Appeals hearings. But Joe was also a liar. A coward when confronted with "wolves" Acts 20: 28-30.

    One hell of a drama currently unfolding. Place your bets!

  • Biahi

    Why are you trying to ‘out’ someone?

  • Dagney

    Oh for Pete's sakes.

    I know Balamsass and 3rd gen personally. You are FOS.

  • Balaamsass2

    Bill, copying members' introductory bios and "posting them on Kingdom Hall doors" is against the group's spirit of confidentiality and "terms of service".Simon has every right to ban you.

    As any member here who has broken bread with us in person on the West Coast can attest we are not the "Moores".

    Bill had you taken your "evidence" to the police, Cal DOJ, and the District Attorney, you could have helped current and past victims. Taping bizarre and convoluted rants to kingdom hall doors accomplishes nothing, it only antagonizes people...including your family.

    PS. Wishing to "out" members and give anyone a literal heart attack is sick and twisted.

  • 3rdgen

    BILL'S To-Do List:

    Get a Million dollars

    Hire a detective to determine identity of Baalam'sAss and 3rdGen

    Nail the findings to door of local Kingdom Hall

    Makes perfect sense LOL! (Waves to Dagney)

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I did not copy you bio or post it on a door! Then i have no idea who you are.

    But the rest of the drama still exists. Indeed I am after Moore, he knowingly destroyed a family. If you were to watch 60 Minutes "Here There are Blueberries" all this would make sense.This is A play on Broadway, about the photo album of a administrator at Auschwitz, The point of the 60 Minutes program deals with the issue how do ordinary people cross over to the dark side. How do "ordinary good elders" knowingly destroy a family. Read my posting of that email.

    Indeed this drama was the letter writing referred to in the 2013 "Human Apostate" talk.

    The bottom line is the quality of the "pearl" Math. 7:6. Is the deception of Lev.5:1 in the Sept.1 Wt. "A Time to Speak When?" and the RNWT 2013 revision enough to put "shunning" and the suicides into the media? If that happens and the mental bondage gets broke, and it becomes safe to come from out of hiding I will be happy to met and kiss your ass.

    Am I paranoid? I have 5 sons of whom I have not talked to in 20 years, even at that one of them will swallow a gun barrel when it dawns on them, their father was right. I don't want that!

    Please watch "Here There Are Blueberries".

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


    I will do it. I will post what ever you want!

  • Queequeg

    Have you considered therapy?

  • careful
    Have you considered therapy?

    Indeed. Some people need to step outside themselves and wake up as to how they appear to others.

    Get a real life!

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


    I will do better than that, i buy you a cruise.

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