German Foreign Office Issues Travel Warning For Sweden Due To Terrorism Risk. It would be funny if it were not true.

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  • kpop

    Who would have thought that one simple expression, "last night in Sweden" would suddenly shine the light on the cockroaches? Who would have thought so many people would laugh at the President for saying such a thing! He doesn't know anything! Or does he?

    German Government Warning March 1, 2017

    "Since the beginning of March 2016, Sweden has been experiencing an increased level of terrorist warning. Travelers in Stockholm are asked to be prudent in the city as well as in public transport, to avoid larger crowds..."

  • freemindfade

    say it aint so

  • darkspilver

    Looks like Sweden is bringing back conscription? For women too....

  • Ruby456

    we always have these warnings and they are due to some people having ties to terrorism over the conflict in Syria and Iraq. the warnings are renewed every year. this is common knowledge and has been so for many years. no one is denying this.

  • kpop

    It never ceases to amaze me how anyone can even attempt to justify this. "Oh this is just life. Yes we love to live with terrorism. I've been living here for 30 years and I'm still alive so everything is fine. Nothing to see here." Talk about suffering from cognitive dissonance. I guess being a JW for your whole life can cause permanent damage to the brain.

  • Ruby456

    read the gov websites if you don't trust my word. believe me the end isn't coming soon.

  • Spoletta

    Seems like sensible precautions to take when visiting any country. Doesn't exactly rise to the level of a national crisis.

  • Ruby456

    yes they are sensible precautions spoletta. imagine if we did not receive any warnings - that would be very lax indeed.

    I guess we forget that we did start the conflicts - but even if we are mostly out of it now those countries are still war zones - Iraq and Syria that is

  • Bugbear

    This is really the "fake news" that D.Trump was talking about...

  • bohm

    Look I think kpop is on to something here:

    Look how awful sweeden is described in the travel guide:

    You police can't prevent you from being robbed:

    valuables should not be left behind in a parked car. Particularly at airports, bus stations or railway stations(..) it is advisable to make copies of all important documents, including flight tickets, and to store them separately.

    I mean, that sounds like a 3rd world country does it not? You can't even walk around like a normal person.

    If you are robbed, it is likely to be at gunpoint because the criminal immigrant gangs in Sweden have easy access to weapons:

    (...) it is comparatively easy to get possession of weapons. If you become a victim of an armed attack, do not try to defend yourself!

    even worse, immigrant crime has become so bad the government of Germany directly warns its citizens that they can be killed in Sweden:

    The government reiterates its warning of assassinations and calls for special caution.

    Sweden is no longer a normal country. it is a warzone of immigrant crime which they have imported in their failed socialist extreme far-left experiment to exterminate whi..

    Oh wait a moment. I was looking at the travel guide for the USA. Sorry. All the above is normal.

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