He killed them because they expelled him from the Jehovah's Witnesses - Canal de Noticia (Venezuela), Nov 28, 2017 - Two JWs found murdered

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  • darkspilver

    This tragic story has been developing over the last couple of days in Venezuela. There is a mixture of reports and accounts coming in....

    Two Jehovah's Witnesses (and fleshly sisters) aged 71 and 65, where found murdered. A 26 year male suspect has been arrested.

    In the apartment where the two where found dead, the words "Death to witnesses" (“Muerte a los testigos”) had been scrawled onto one of the walls.

  • sparrowdown

    Venezuela is a violent, crime ridden hell hole.

  • steve2

    This is tragic. I just hope that no poster attempts to reduce its horror by trying to sympathetically "see" inside the alleged murder's mind. Violence is violence and it is mischief making to argue that expelled individuals cannot control themselves.

    One query arises, however, because of the wording of the headline: His victims were sisters - it is elders not sisters who make decisions on expelling individuals from congregations.

  • darkspilver

    I don't really like to speculate, particularly on a tragic story like this. Though it has been mentioned that it is a possibility that some how the two victims where involved in the accused's apparent DF'ing, perhaps as 'witnesses' for the JC.

  • Outahere

    Something like this was bound to happen, sooner or later. Less than balanced individuals take matter into their own hands.

    Venezuela is a violent, crime ridden hell hole.

    Used to be a much nicer place. I've been to that particular town.

  • Crazyguy

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more , not to random witnesses but to elders that df people.

  • Wild_Thing

    I hate hearing stories like this. Not only is it a tragedy for the families of the deceased, it also reinforces the JW belief that they are persecuted for being "the only true religion"™.

    The first article I read made it sound like the sisters expelled him. Hopefully, something is just lost in the translation. I know that can't be accurate, unless the ladies accused him of something that he got disfellowshipped for.

  • Diogenesister

    The truth is Witnesses are like anyone else - they can be victims of crime and perpetrators of crime.

    Witnesses are not more protected by a God/or angels neither are worldly people .infested with demons

  • punkofnice

    This is horrific.

    I'm unsure what they mean by 2 sisters expelling the self confessed murderer?

    I have to admit, I found this so gruesome, I don't think I need an answer.


  • vivalavida

    The articles linked in reddit do say that the sisters expelled him. Obviously the journalists have no clue how things work in JW world. In other articles though, the explanation is definitely clearer. They do imply some type of revenge because the sisters as well as the perpetrator, a music teacher, were JWs. Whereby he was recently expelled.

    It is obvious that he is the murdered because they captured him in his house where they found a computer that belonged to the sisters, dresses with blood of the sisters and the marker he used to write "Muerte a los testigos" (Death to the witnesses) in the victims' apartment.

    A tragic situation.


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