Are you planning anything special for Memorial?

by Athanasius 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    I'm having some wine with "the ladies man" on SNL......He's .....'got his Cavasiay right there'.


  • wednesday

    I'm caving and going to the KH. My husband is going and it would upset him if i did not go. BUT i am wearing a pantsuit. (an indian style one, but a pantsuit no less) let them talk

  • gumby


    It won't hury anything for you to go. Maybe It will be a good experiance and reminder of why you no longer go. If it will keep peace and make things go smoother.....why not? The only thing also don't want him to get his hopes up your coming back.

    When I went to my Grandsons first talk at the hall.....I made it clear to my wife I was only going to support him and be there for a big event in his life....nothing else.

    You'll survive. Don't forget get to look forward to people giving you blank looks if your DFed


  • Charmed

    I'm not going either. I'm a little worried about the repercussions from my family, but I just can't get myself to go this year. I think instead I will have dinner with my family, but no wine because my sister-in-law is an alcoholic. I'll probably come on this board at some point that night too because there's a good chance I'll be feeling guilty even though I know I have no reason to feel that way.

  • gumby
    I'll be feeling guilty even though I know I have no reason to feel that way.


    Those feelings will pass in time......I promise


  • sandy

    I am going too. My family wants me to go so to keep them quiet I will go.

    I don't know if I will attend my old hall or go somewhere else. Part of me wants to put myself in the mix of them just to prove to myself I can say no thank you when they ask if they can visit me.

    But at the same time I am scared I am still too weak and I may cave in and say yes to a shepherding call.

    The good thing is if I go to my old hall I can get there just before it starts and leave right after. Everyone will be hurrying out of there allow the next congregation to come in.

    But with my Luck they just might corner me long enough to try and work their gimmick.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Nina & Charmed, I know what you mean. This is the first time in my life I'm not going to the Memorial. Part of me wants to give in to my mom's 'the family is falling apart speech' and the other part of me gets naseaous thinking about stepping foot in a KH. Guess what I'm saying is, still not sure what I'm going to do. I know! I'll watch American Idol!! - Victorian Sky

  • Fruitcake

    I'm disfellowshipped, and I am going to Partake. I know my relationship with the Christ, and I believe only my Father can judge me.

    If out of judgement they try to not pass me the bread and wine, I'll have some in a backpack I'm bringing with me, just in case.

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