Rabbi Responds to Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • gitasatsangha


    reread his post. out loud.

  • wasasister
  • wasasister
  • minimus

    vasasister, of course, vermin can be rabbis. zats vy I love rabbis.

  • wasasister
  • gitasatsangha


    I enjoy minimalism as much as the next guy, but JESUS!

  • Satanus

    Give back the jewish religion to jews, i say. The romans had no business taking it from them and foisting it on goyeem. Destroying their temple was quite enough, thankyou.


  • rocketman

    I would have to agree that the Rabbi's argument, while technically valid perhaps, was somewhat inaccurate in that, armed with a good translation, any non-Hebrew educated person can read the Bible effectively. True, humans to translate it, but I think the Rabbi won the agrument on techical points only.

  • jgnat
    I am deeply offended by missionaries because their fundamental premise is that my religious tradition is inadequate and theirs is innately superior. I find that an inexcusably intolerant attitude.

    Hey, the WTS holds itself up as the most accurate, most representative body of Christians today. That attitude does foster arrogance and intolerance. Of course the householder had the right to take them to task. Any day, any time I can point out inaccuracies of the WT position, I will do it. One step closer to getting them to admit they are no better than the rest of us.

  • bebu

    I don't think it's necessary to learn the original languages, but if you can, you probably will enjoy the Bible better. These days, more than earlier, folks have all kinds of access to commentaries and dictionaries and other helpful books, so if you are going to study the Bible, usually some kind of help is needed.

    If you want to study the Bible in THIS house, you'll have to study it as God wrote it

    I didn't think her arguments were that strong in general, but I think for HER home, where the OT was already being read in its original language, one would have to at least match where they are at. It would be painfully hard for this family to endure the 8th grade level writing of the WT, to boot. Jews for Jesus would provide a more challenging study, I think! (Doubt they'd let those guys in, either, tho')


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