What if God never changed the languages

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  • Ruby456

    I doubt anyone in their right minds wants to live on the brink of destruction. I mean calling hubris has to figure somewhere sometime?

    mind you if it leads to any kind of tyranny (calling hubris but doing it to inflict tyranny I mean) then obviously this kind of call needs to be questioned and resisted. the GB go too far against vulnerable people imo

  • venus

    Confusing the language is evidence of poor imagination on the part of Bible writers because no loving father would resort to such an everlasting trouble to mankind to solve a temporary and minor problem of stopping a building construction.

    If Bible writers had lived in the time of Internet Age, they could have found out how languages developed. Look at the most frequently used words such as God, father and mother, and one can see the evolution.

    Dev (Sanskrit), Deo (Latin), Divine being / deity (English) .....

    Bap (Sanskrit), pater (Latin), father (English) .....

    Ma Sanskrit), mater (Latin), mother (English)....

    When the word thus travels, its form and pronunciation slightly changes and finally takes a form and pronunciation which have no resemblance to the original. It is like asking a group of people to show the gesture of taking a bath, and ask another group to copy them--thus to many batches... in the end you will find people staging a group dance which rarely resembles to taking a bath.

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