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  • SpiceItUp

    I didn't want to hijack the thread but reading:

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/50019/1.ashx gave me an idea.

    What are all the the ways that Witnesses are like other religions or organizations. That way when they come back with the reply that they are seperate from the world we can say say..."well not really when you look at it and here's why"

    Some examples....

    They say say that they are different because they go door to door...well don't the Mormons do that as well?

    They say they are different because they don't celibrate Christmas...Arent there some eastern/pagan (or Jewish?) religions that don't follow suit with this as well?

    Can you come up with any others?

  • Gopher

    They say they're different because they don't believe in a triune god or in multiple gods, whereas the Unitarians and Moslems also believe in only one "God" figure.

  • ColdRedRain
  • joannadandy

    They claim they are different because they are the only people ON EARTH who have true love amongst themselves...

    *Laughs so hard she falls off her chair and wets herself*

  • gumby

    Their main claim is THEY ALONE worship the true God Jehovah. Others do not know even his name, or his purpose for mankind and are spititually in the dark.

    Since others do not know him, they are led by Satan and believe the lies he has promoted.

    The sad thing is .....regardless how kind , loving, and sincere, a person may be.....if they are not a witness......they are "worldly" in the eyes of a dub.


  • Carmel

    They may not believe in a triune god but they do believe in a "good god" and a "bad god", each with their respective minions.


  • Carmel

    On second thought me thinks both their gods are NASTY!

    guano collector

  • Matty

    They have these enormous conventions at football stadiums where they worship together in unity and meet other Christians.

    Billy Graham did it for over 40 years all over the world, so what?

  • Gopher

    But did they serve those yummy "cheese danishes" and vanilla puddings at the Billy Graham assemblies? Huh, huh? Answer that one!!

  • Matty

    OK Gopher, you've got me. Maybe they are the true religion after all!

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