Do You Think That We Should Be Able To Exercise Freedom Of Speech Here?

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  • teejay

    Of course.

  • minimus

    By the way, Hillary, my opening comments referred to the war . I'm sure that had you read the entire paragraph, you would have known what my question was involving. But for what it's worth, the question is not only about war topics. As I mentioned more than a few times, I recognize there is no such thing as "true freedom". We are all responsible for whatever we say or do. We can't just expect to say ANYTHING without impunity. My example of Simon's thread question was just that, an example. So for the benefit of any that might think I should rephrase my question, I will say that I am referring to the relative freedom to speak your mind regarding politics, war or religion, or for that matter, any subject that is "hot" in the world. If we are expected to not discuss the "subject", I find that disconcerting. However, if Simon says that a topic, per his discretion is off limits, I will respectfully abide but what he says.

  • hillary_step

    Listen Minumus,

    I do not want to spread this issue too thinly but you actually only mentioned the war in passing to illustrate a general principle of what you percieve 'freedom of speech' to be. My comments were set perfectly against this backdrop. Please read them again, and get the spirit of what I wrote.

    After reading some comments regarding the war, it seems that some here feel that we SHOULD be able to post whatever we feel passionate about. Some feel that if a subject is newsworthy or "hot", that it's an area that is O.K. to get into. Others feel that they might be able to say anything they want in the name of "freedom of speech", ...........................Now, let's forget about politics or war for a moment........................I think that subjects that are of interest to the world, as a whole should be able to discussed without any negative comments attached. If, though, a person PERSONALLY ATTACKS a poster for a certain view, this is unacceptable. Then, "freedom of speech" goes out the window. ............................................ I think we should be able to freely think and express ourselves without the worry that we are are going to get censured or silenced for our comments and opinions.
    I have highlighted points within your first post, which I did read, that has led more than one poster, in fact almost all of them of them so far, to believe that you wish to discuss the issue of freedom of speech generally on this Board, not just politics and war and other non JW related issues. Frankly I am still under that impression. I think that you overreacted to my post because you wished the thread to go in a certain direction but due to your confusing the issue it did not. If you wish to blame me for the confusion, well fire away, I am not terribly sensitive to these Best regards ( geniunely meant and sent ) - HS
  • minimus

    For the record, I'm quite content with the way this thread has worked out. And I thank you for your responses because this is exactly what I wanted to expound on. So, no problem here, Hillary, and I'm glad that you are continuing to post again. You are one of the posters that I have always enjoyed reading.

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