Selling off their London Properties.

by Lost in the fog 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • jookbeard

    Freddo, I have a feeling Chelmsford will end up going well over budget if we can believe what they say about it, hence why the project has been scaled back.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Lost in the Fog... 7 or 8 properties!!! These are beautiful, awesome, expensive, audacious properties! If any of US owned them... we would be "counselled"

    I agree with many, that the WT is "closing house."

  • pepperheart

    It looks as though the watchtower does not have the resources to keep the bethel in central london

  • Formerbrother

    Loads of Beth-elites getting kicked out

    Even the older ones who gave their life to working at Bethel. They never paid any social security or national insurance contributions to the Government, so now they cant get pensions

    They have to go into a really cheap old peoples home if they have no money, these places are horrible, life expectancy is short because the old people want to die.

    Except the few chosen ones will go to the new fancy infirmary at Chelmsford, where they can live in luxury off the voluntary contributions

  • Formerbrother

    There have been some huge changes coming right from the top.

    The transport department in Bethel is going to be entirely wiped out.

    It seems so little is being printed these days they will get worldly companies like DHL etc to deliver the literature.

    All drivers will soon be sacked and kicked out

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