I'm soooo depressed..What is wrong with the Wings?

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  • Aztec

    Hey now ashitaka! I have no prob with the Flyers as long as they aren't playing against my Wings! LOL! The only team I REALLY hate is the Avalanche!!!! Well, right now I really hate the Ducks! Grrrr!!!!~Aztec

  • ashitaka

    Sorry Aztec, just had to represent.


  • outnfree


    And I stayed up for that O/T game, too! (Giguere was terrific, gotta admit it, but painful to do so!)

    Didn't watch on Saturday -- was getting my taxes together. But I could hear my husband YELLING at the Wings for missing opportunities all over the place.

    But our boys can still do it. They have to play in regulation time the way they were in the first two periods of O/T in the first game and no hay problemo, and we'll BURY the Avs!

    Glad to see you posting. Hill and I were worrying 'bout ya!


  • Aztec

    Thank you out!!!:) Still having computer problems, but I'm here. Sorry about the meetup. My visiting friend *ahem* injured himself the night before and wasn't feeling up to going out. Poor thing!:p I am sick of screaming at the tv! What is wrong with my boys? I couldn't stay up for the first game..I'm a wuss! Here's hoping they get it together in time to whoop on the Av's!!! :D ~Aztec

  • Jourles
    Here's hoping they get it together in time to whoop on the Av's!!!

    Heh, that ain't happening THIS season.

    This news just in.......Avs down the Minnesota "We were shutout" Wild.

  • Aztec

    J you need a spanking!!! And I don't mean the fun kind! >:) ~Aztec

  • Aztec

    Sorry ashitaka but the Rayzor's Leafs just beat the Flyers. :D Go Toronto! Oh yeah and C'mon Minnesota..Roy is overrated..LOL! Sakic, Forsberg who do they think they are? :p Okay my game is just underway so I'll go for now and, OMG, pray...shhhh, don't tell my atheist friends but the Wings need all the help they can get. ~Aztec

  • teejay


    Did somebody say wings?

    Why... nothing’s wrong with *my* wings.

    See... what-cha do is soak 'em overnight. In a special sauce. Then, on cookin' day, get the fire nice and hot. It's also real important to cut off the little measley part of the wing and then...

    ... wha?


    OH! *Those* Wings.


  • Jourles

    Where's Aztec when the Turkey Wings are down 1-0 going into the 3rd??

    Uh oh! Is Shanahan is OUT for dropping the gloves!?! We'll see in a minute...

    Let's just say, get prepared for a display of Shock and Roy if the Turkey Wings and the Avs ever meet.

    "Shock and Roy"....I need to trademark that one.

  • Jourles

    UH OH, it's 2-0!!!

    I think it is safe to go to bed now. I will read about the Walt Disney Duck's shutout tomorrow morning.

    Aztec, you can spank me only if the Turkey Wings win the series against the Ducks. If they lose however, hmmm, what do you think you should let me do to you?

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