I'm soooo depressed..What is wrong with the Wings?

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  • Aztec

    They are down 0-2 against Disney's hockey team. Are we gonna go down to a team with a stupid duck as it's mascot? I'm so embarrassed!!! Of course last year they started the playoffs the same way. Down 0-2 vs Vancouver and they went on to win the Stanley Cup so there is hope...*sigh* ~Aztec

  • rocketman

    They probably have the Ducks right where they want them.


    Tsk..tsk..even the 'blade is surprised at this revelation.

    Hey, I've seen it happen many times before, when a team is down 3-0 and turn it around and win. Nothing is impossible.

    But yeah, those Ducks...hmm...time to have Red Wings, turn the ducks into chicken wings, don't you think?

    If the Wings can recuperate, dust off their jerseys, and go get those Avs, you know I'll be cheering for you.

    But we have to call a truce when it comes to my Maple Leafs.

    We will cheer for each others team if one gets eliminated and one survives.

    Cheer up Aztec...it ain't over 'til it's over. I think if you headed down to Joe Louis Arena and gave those boys a pep-talk, something tells me: it'll work wonders!

  • Gopher

    I'm starting to become convinced that there is no such thing as a "playoff upset". Seven of the eight road teams won their first playoff game. There is a lot of parity in this league.

    Don't let that silly "duck" mascot fool you, the Anaheim team came in mentally sharp and ready for these playoffs. Even my own first-year-playoff team (the Minnesota Wild) is proving to be a tough matchup for the Patrick Roy and the Colorado Avalanche, whom some thought could go all the way.

    The problem with Detroit might be goaltending. Hate to say it, but Cujo has got to stand on his head in Anaheim or the Ducks will fly and the Wings will die.

  • Aztec

    Thanks guys! I am hoping they turn this around. I would be so down and out if the Wings got knocked out in the first round..and by the goofy Mighty Ducks no less.:( Ray, I will be rooting for the Leafs unless they are playing the Wings of course. You know I like Toronto and all it's inhabitants.:D I'm worrying about Cujo though. What's his deal? Don't anyone laugh, please, but I really am upset at this. I know, I know, it's just a game.:( ~Aztec


    Aztec - CUJO's an interesting character.

    Some of the things he said when he left for Detroit after playing for Toronto, had a few of us maple leaf eating Canucks, a bit mad. Anyways...so now he's in Detroit.

    What to do? what to do?

    If the Wings get past these quackers (Ducks) - his Achilles heel: New Jersey.

    I'd say the Devils are Cujo's nemesis. Wait n' see.

    Anyways, we'll see what happens. It ain't over until it's over little sis!

    A couple of games, and the rest of the team will give Cujo a kick and bring him to his senses.

    He needs a bottle of Vernors, and a bag of Cabana chips. That'll do it !

  • Jourles

    Hot Wings! Hot Wings heeeah! Come and get em'.

    I loooove hot wings. Especially when they've been deep fried and then tossed around in a bowl of a good sauce. Tossed around like as in the Red Wings getting spanked by the Walt Disney Ducks.

    0-2? Uh oh! Doesn't look good! Tell you guys what. If the Turkey Wings get past the Walt Disney Ducks, I will come into Detroit and buy dinner and drinks for anyone that shows up wearing a Turkey Wings jersey. And you can hold me to it for as long as this thread lasts.

    After the end of this first round, the Wings will be cooked and will be ready to be served.

    go Avs!


    Uh-oh Jourles

    Aztec is probably snoozin' right now, but when she sees this, she'll be spittin' sparks!

    This is going to be interesting indeed.

    I had better not laugh, coz my Leafs ain't home free yet.

    OK, we'll see what happens over the next week or so.

  • Aztec

    Okay Jourles, you are no longer my friend! GRRRRRR!!!!! What's wrong with you hon? Get with the home team or move back to Av's country cause your Av's loving booty ain't welcome in Detroit! Just try showing up down here in an Av's jersey! See what happens...hehehe!~Aztec

  • ashitaka
    What is wrong with the Wings?

    In best Paul McCartney imitation:

    Wings on the run,

    Wings on the run!

    Go Flyers!!!!!!!!


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