Ozzie's Weekend Poll #45

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  • berylblue
    You could be infested by demons by buying second-hand goods.

    As though said demons couldn't infest the goods while being produced at a factory.


  • Kenneson

    10. One can never be careful enough of what he eats. There could always be blood in it. Remember the lecithin scare.

  • Valis

    *LOL* I'm w/scull on this one # 4 ...I remembetr this poor sister who was in a deep depression after her husband ran off w/some young slutty sister...The elders went to her house and prayed over her then they went around the house looking for the cause of her problem...well they found one of those stupid fish/jesus symbol things and blamed it for her severe depression...They also believed she got better after they removed it..*LOL* Yep the medication had nothing to do w/her recovery....its all jehover baby! *LOL* Cheers ozzie! BTW, minimus could learn a thing or two from a pollster like you..eheh *LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • gumby

    6. The seven bowls of Revelation were resolutions at Dub conventions,

    And all the other dub history that they tied to Revelation events! What a bunch of horsey hocky!

    Gumby, ( of the I got tired of the "they were completely exonerated" speech class)

  • alfie

    Personally, I would like to have my wine distilled and produce a good gin. Then I could make my specialty: a martini so dry that even Bedouin herdsmen are envious.Now to the important stuff.

    Looking back, I'd have to say my most bizarre belief as a Witness was that we called it "The Truth". While serving as a Witness, I thought going into another religious building would result in an early demise for myself, mrs. alfie and of course our daughter ms. alfie. That caused me to worry about the fate(dare I use that word) of our black cat.



  • Princess

    Hi Ozzie! I asked Steve and he says the most bizarre dub belief he had was...

    he would never die

    Hard to top that one. I guess I'll say the same.


  • kelpie

    Definately 3..

    i was made to get rid of my cabage patch doll after a story went round the ciruit that a girl had a demonised one.

  • Gopher

    (10) Trust the elders, because they are appointed by Jehovah's holy spirit.

    This is so untrue. And why trust any leader, when the Bible says 'do not put your trust in mortal man, to whom no salvation belongs'? They're just men!

  • kikisdragon

    #9, definitely. I believed it for awhile, but when my ex-husband (husband at the time) started throwing away a whole bunch of his stuff, because he really believed it was demonized, then I started realizing, that it was all in his head. I feel bad for him now, because he threw away old photographs, because they had pictures from his old family's home in CA that is now considered haunted, plus many clothes, and possesions. I wouldn't let him touch anything of mine of course.

    Later, after leaving the borg, someone explained to me that in the bible, god's own people were never possessed, and that things never made you become possessed. It was always people outside his congregation, or animals and such anyways. Now, of course, I don't even believe in any of that crap, and don't even believe in angels and demons, or god really. I'm just so glad that I'm not scared of so many things like I used to be - I don't buy second hand much, but if I need to, it makes me laugh to think that at one time I would have been so afraid to do so, even if that was all I could afford.


  • gumby


    It's funny I don't remember reading a whole lot about being cautious about where we bought things in the literature........but for some reason the dubs all remembered the yard sale demon stories the watchtower must have promulgated.

    BTW.....welcome to the forum.....this is the first I've seen of you.


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