Let's tone down the America / War topics and get back on track

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    Stay the course !

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  • Sentinel

    Hummmmmmmm, looks like there is a wide variety of food on this platter. Thank goodness I am not "force-fed" and can pick and chose what I want to partake of.

    The topic of "Current Affairs" is a good spot and it's good that its here. "Friends" is supposed to be "just that", but I notice for the most part, it can be "UN-friendly" when the subject turns political. When it gets too spicy, I don't go there..Give's me indigestion!

    Like E-man, I believe it will all fizzle out and balance out in awhile. Simon is correct to remove downright nasty and offensive posters. His call. The problem has never really been about anyone expressing their opinion; it's the labeling, name calling, and rude and nasty behavior that isn't acceptable.

  • dubla

    i posted my opinion about this on the other thread...and just to elaborate a bit.......as far as what this forum is "supposed" to be about, lets face it, theres plenty of topics that have nothing to do with the wt, and its been like that from day one. do "fluff" threads have anything to do with the wt? not usually, but they have their place here obviously. the current affairs forum was put there for a reason, and asking for less current affairs threads in a current affairs forum is a bit weird, imo. telling someone what you think the focus should be behind the current affairs topic they wish to discuss sounds a bit controlling to me......but when youre the one doing the work on a forum, i suppose its your right to control the content how you see fit. i remember a long time back, someone complained loudly about the amount of threads on a certain topic (i cant for the life of me remember exactly what it was, but i could go back and dig)....and at the time i replied simply if you dont like it, dont open it....its that simple. war threads make you angry? dont read them.....why would you open a topic that continues to anger you? (obviously the mods have a duty to read them, but everyone else has the obvious choice to ignore the threads that might upset them......some posters have already expressed theyve been doing exactly this, which makes sense.)

    the only valid point i can see in limiting the number of war threads is that they often get heated, and its probably tough and time consuming to police them.


  • minimus

    Eman, I looked at the minister of information's statements. He makes Watchtower spokesmen sound legitimate.

  • Gerard

    Dear Sirs,
    I am flattered with your website, it contains many truths, things I might say myself. However I with to point out a dreadful inaccuracy. You are far from the truth. I am not on administrative leave. I am on holiday. The war against the invading sons of camels, infidelity committing infidels and seven Australians, is going so well that my boss Saddam (Allah preserve him and his bronze statues - which are still standing, by the way) has given me time off for a holiday. I am currently in Florida visiting Disneyland; there are no American here and many cartoon characters (I am soon hoping to become one), are committing suicide in their thousands. They are quaking in their boots and staining their underwear at the threat of an Iraqi invasion. We will prevail; it has been written.
    Must go now as I going to the movies to see my favourite movie; "Failing to save Private Ryan".
    Have a nice day,
    -- Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf, Iraqi Minister of Information


  • avengers

    What abaout this one?

    Instead of Iraac........ After Sadam;;;;;;;;

    World.....After WT??!!



  • happysunshine

    I agree with you Simon.

    This is after all a site dedicated to X-JW issues. While The War and related topics do indeed interact with X-JW issues, they are just sattelite issues- not the purpose of this site. Besides... this is ultimately your site to do as you see fit.

    If this board gets too far off the WTS with the bulk of its posts, most new people will tune out. Especially if there are flame wars. I remember how sensitive I was to topics posted here when I first logged on as someone looking for X-JW info (remember the aversion to 'apostates' we all had not long ago?) . -J

  • ozziepost
    I remember how sensitive I was to topics posted here when I first logged on as someone looking for X-JW info (remember the aversion to 'apostates' we all had not long ago?) . -J

    I fear you may be a "voice in the wilderness", J, but I for one, agree with you.

    Keep smiling, it'll drive 'em crazy!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • peacefulpete

    It's Simon's house, he sets the rules. We are called guests are we not?

  • justhuman

    Martin Louther King said: Our lifes begin to end when we become silent of things that matter.

    Yes it matters to see the arrogance of the U.S administration by using a selective way for human rights.

    It matters to see Ali the 12 year old child that U.S missiles killed his family, and left him with no arms, or the thousands that killed and injured in Iraq from U.S "clever" bombs.

    It matters to see a president that lies to his people in order to strike a country without any U.N resolutions, while the real reason it is the oil of Iraq, and the U.S war industry. By the way were are the chemical weapons that Sadam had and he was going to use them against U.S?

    It matters to see how dirty it is the U.S foreing affairs, were they create regimes like Sadam, they gave him chemicals weapons, and then forgot about it, and they remember that Sadam has chemical weapons but NOT explaining WHO gave him.

    It matters to see that the only international law and order it is the Law of the FAR WEST. We have the guns and power and we shoot anyone that we don't like or DISAGREES with us.

    It matters to see that Billions of dollars are used for developing new weapons instead for helping pour countries.

    It matters to see reporters being killed by U.S army because the only tell the TRUTH about what happened in the Iraq war.

    So have I become your enemy because I told you the TRUTH?

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