Afghan Massacre

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  • expatbrit

    Well, you wont see me wringing my hands over the Taliban. Nevertheless, if these events took place as described, an investigation and suitable consequences are certainly warranted.

    However, I don't see why this is being linked to the subject of being either pro or anti the war in Iraq. What I do see is anti-war and anti-American people trawling the news to find everything they can that casts the American military and politicians in a bad light. In other words, William Penwell, you don't actually give a toss about those massacred Talibanis, do you? They're just a jolly useful bit of news to advance your anti-American agenda (yeah yeah some of your best friends are American blah blah).

    You know what? I'm not an American, I'm a patriotic Brit, yet even I'm sick of the amount of anti-Americanism being exhibited on the discussion board. It's a constant litany of supposed American atrocities, generalised judgements about the American people, and blaming America for problems in other parts of the world.

    "Oh no, I'm not anti-American!" you reply? Well if all it does is quack, it's probably a duck. And if all you do is spew negativity about America and Americans, you're probably anti-American.

    Oh, and Pleasuredome, if you can't discern the difference between what Hillary posted (entirely unrealistic), and joking about people being used as human shields or tortured to death (very very real), you should pick yourself up and toddle off to buy yourself a sense of perspective. Walmart $9.99.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    I am not anti-American I am anti-war, when it is unjustified. I make no secret of the fact I am not a big fan of George W Bush's administration and his neo conservative agenda. As a matter of fact I recall last year defending Bush's decision to invade Afghanistan because I felt that, that was justified response. They had every right after 9/11 to respond but I didn’t realize at the time that he had a bigger agenda in mind.

    Saying that, I like most people, don't like hypocrites. Practice what you preach. If everyone shut up and let these atrocities go, not making our leaders accountable, then the governments would feel they could get away with anything. Take Hiltler or Saddam for example, they felt they could do anything. Being a democracy we have to make our leaders accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether you cared about what happened to these people, they are still human and no one deserves that type of treatment. Sure they would have probably done the same thing if given the chance but we as the supposed "civilized" countries should take the high ground. If we stoop to their level then we are just as bad as they are and have no room to complain.


  • Simon

    There is a sense that this could be construed as "brow beating" people into not highlighting any wrong action expat - this is of course a slippery slope. I certainly woul dnever want a powerful military with no accountability or anyone to answer to.

    I think many times, these topics are in response to the opposite extreme viewpoint that is posted which is "America is the greatest and can do no wrong". People naturally, if they don't hold to that opinion, want to show that they don't believe it is the case.

    I have already posted that I think these threads should be finished for precisely the reasons given - people do not want to discuss the topic but try to twist things so that they are allowed to post their stuff while opposite opinions shouldn't be allowed.

  • searcher
    I'd love to know how exactly one get's shunned on a forum.

    11 posts since I put up a comment, no answer yet, good bad or indiferent, I havnt even been sworn at by the regular foulmouths of the board.

    I guess I will just sit here at the back and wait till I am re-instated.

    Ah well, not the first time, and wont be the last.

    Carry on Bashing.

  • Simon

    Did someone say something?

    Only kidding Searcher, LOL

    I think getting ignored in some of these topics is a good thing - it shows someone can refrain from posting controversial stuff

    If only all of us coudl show such self-control !

  • searcher


    This is the point i am trying to make, glad you picked up on it.

    Uncontroversial posts get ignored to a great extent, so the only way that one can be answered in these things is to be controversial.

    ergo. controversial posts will always be made by those that do not want their point to be ignored.

    In eliciting SOME sort of response, maybe they feel that SOMETHING they are saying is getting through.

    This, unfortunately, leads to the situation that we keep seeing here, what ONE finds insulting may seem to be a perfectly legitemate statement to another so a constant watch has to be kept on ones cognisant ability to try and understand what point the other is trying to make.

    Whether it is a JW thing or not I dont know, but a lot here seem incapable of seeing anothers point of view......ever.

    therefore, unless the topics are severely limited to certain things, there will always be arguments here.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Not trying to get conterversal here but I think if the Democratic oppisition and media in the US was a little more objective in these last few months about the war, we would not be here arguing. I feel they are not doing what they should be doing but bending to public opinion. Thus others feel they should pick up the void. Thats what a democracy is all about. I am sure now that the war is over things will get back to normal, I hope.

  • Aztec

    William, the war's over? Since when? :p~Aztec

  • Pleasuredome

    ex-pat brit

    you show me where i joked "about people being used as human shields or tortured to death". i made a joke about the EURO/DOLLAR and oil. so you ought to go to wallmart and buy a pair of reading glasses. which dismisses this crapy quote....

    if you can't discern the difference between what Hillary posted (entirely unrealistic), and joking about people being used as human shields or tortured to death (very very real), you should pick yourself up and toddle off to buy yourself a sense of perspective. Walmart $9.99.

    not only that, i was refering to hillary using humour on a thread about an atrocity, which you so readily complained about, and not about what she said.

    as far as i'm aware i used humour to make a point about the fact that you said this war wasnt about oil, in which you used the human sheilds story as a tool to dismiss the fact that this war is about the oil. either i can use humour to reply to your cynical atempt to make a point in which you use peoples suffering to support, or i can rip it out of you. i think the former is a much nicer way of making a point.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    So true, so true. Syria's next?

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