Rate your congreagation

by Hamas 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Aztec

    Weeeeeeell Matt I would say it's in the boonies...LOL! Sorry, lots of that around here!:D ~Aztec

  • mattnoel

    Aztec - Believe me - I KNOOOOWWWW it was in the Boonies !!!! I have never seen anything like it.

    Have you all seen Joe Dirt - well I saw him come out of Walmart (Glenns) or wherever else I shopped many times over ! with the whole mullet and baseball cap feature !

  • NaruNaruChan

    Hmmm... Oakdale East... 2/10, cuz they didn't sing loud or well, gossips, and BORING... a few good people, but mostly boring folk.

    Sierra view... 5/10, lotsa akids, good singing, but the people were snobs and those elders DFed me and were pricks... soo...

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