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  • pr_capone

    Hooah! Swore in today! I am now an official member of the US Army! BARELY passed my taping in. The maximum body fat allowed was 26% and I got a 25.89%. hehehehehe

    Its all good though.... I will be an MP (Military Police). I get to drive a humvee on patrol!!!!!!!

    I ship off to basic on Sept 30 and I will be gone for 29 weeks. OUCH! Ohhhhh well... its what I must do so I will do it without complaint.

    Kansas District Overbeer

    Again, thanks everyone for your support.

    To my snitch... tell the elders to DF me if they like. A lawsuit still awaits.


    Sounds to me, as though this 'soldier' (Pr_Capone) may need an occasional CARE package.

    Dude, when you get to where you're going to be, let us know where you'll be stationed.

    We don't want to lose touch with you.

    Maybe some of the motherly types on here, will send you some goodies.

    Keep us posted, will you?

  • nightwarrior


    We hope all goes well, and you keep those ruffians in order.

    I quite agree with the goody bags.... but from the uk, it may go mouldy.....

    Be good

    Mrs NW

  • berylblue

    Good luck to you.


  • teenyuck

    Good luck and stay safe pr!

  • freedom96

    Thanks ahead of time for what you will do for the rest of us!

  • nowisee

    best wishes to you. hope you will be able to stay in touch.

  • Mystery

    Thank you for supporting us. Take care and stay safe.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    There you are!!!! Woot Woot! I was getting worried..... congratulations. That means you can come visit now. Be sure and keep us posted. I'm worried though, PR Capone and a Hum V....... the things that make you go hmmmmm

  • aarque

    My stepson just graduated from boot camp at Fort Knox on April 2nd and is now at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland for his AIT in power generators. He found boot camp difficult (he was very homesick), but now says he's glad he joined the Army. My husband and I are button-bursting proud of him. Good luck to you.

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