Backstabbers!!!! Any other examples?

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  • micheal

    I just left the "truth"a couple of months ago, did some sub-contracting work for a brother ( real self-righteous guy), just recieved a phone call from him saying he will no longer be needing my services. Nothing to do with my work he said, just the way it goes. WHAT A WONDERFUL FRICKIN BROTHERHOOD, THOSE DAMN BASTARDS!!! He could care less if he takes food out of mine and my families mouths. Wow they must really have the truth, because the love is so great?!!!

  • Pleasuredome

    many of them do it whether you're in or out. i've experienced it too many times.

    brothers who think they dont have to pay back money they owe you.

    one brother told who was my boss told me i'd lost my job on the day i was made redundant, when he knew for a month that i'd lose it, and didnt have the decency to tell me in advance, which would have meant not getting a bad credit rating as i spent a lot of money during that month thinking i'd be ok.

    never trust a jw

  • Ed

    My JW boss gave me the sack shortly after having a falling-out with a relative of mine (who had originally hired me). Gave me some BS story about not having enough work anymore - while simultaneously hiring one of his own relatives in my place. Nice.

    Not much you can do about that sort of thing. But I suppose it's all for the best... you really don't want to be working for someone like that anyway.

  • mattnoel

    Unfortunatly you dont see the "love" that they really have until you leave the witnesses. Hope you find work soon.

  • searchfothetruth

    As i've stated in other posts, I was ripped off by an Elder while I was subcontracting to him.

    The first month he said that he hadn't been paid by the customer, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    The second month he used the same excuse even though I know he had been paid.

    I confronted him and he said that he wasn't going to make a profit on the job so he couldn't pay me.

    I went to another elder who knew the situation and he told me to put it down to experience as you cannot take a brother to court.


  • Maverick

    Check out Title VII of the Federal Discrimination code. You can not be discriminated against for religious reasons. Maverick

  • Hamas

    Yeah I can imagine that. Self righteous gits.

    I can see it gradually happening to me; Im sure people have been 'warned' against associating with me.

    Who cares.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    That sucks! Typical hypocritical bs from the mouths of those who would pretend to teach about love and human compassion. And even if we set aside the "love" aspect, they are still hyprocrites because they use the system they condem when it benefits, and break Caesar's Laws when it benefits them. I don't associate with anyone like that...let alone phoney religious do-gooders.

    I'm sorry you or anyone has been harmed financially by the likes of such uncaring, lying pricks. Maybe if these skumbags were dragged into court more often they might think twice before doing it to someone else. Great point, Maverick.



  • wednesday

    while i was in the hospital once, i sub-contracted work out to a sis. she stole my job while i was in hospital, and it eneded up in a jc meeting in which she accused me of all sorts of untrue things just so she could get me job.

    another sis had her husband come to the hospital to collect her paycheck. he was stupid threatning and his brows grew together. I'd just had surgery, and she demanded to be paid that instant!

    feel the love

  • minimus

    Being from America, I'm not familiar with the word GIT. Please explain (and keep in mind that not everyone here is a Brit or Aussie).

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