Do You Think That Jehovah's Witnesses Are Basically Good People?

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  • AGuest

    Dearest Minimus... peace to you... and

    "Jehovah's Witnesses" are... just people. No more, no less. You will find the same things among them that you find among all other sorts of people... and particularly among most mainstream religions: kind, not-so-kind, "good", bad, honest, dishonest, rich, poor, charitable, selfish, loving, hypocritical.

    Now, the people that they FOLLOW... those whose rhetoric, propaganda and teachings are "pushed" as TRUTH... and their "agents"... THEY... are evil. Pure-D. Why? Because although they, too, exist in sin, they judge and condemn others as if they do not!

    And a hypocrite is about as bad as one can get, save a blasphemer. For a HYPOCRITE will make his/her "fortune"... whether in mammon (money)... or glory from men... by means of the "houses" they "rob" by means of such hypocrisy... those of the fatherless, the elderly... and the innocent. For THEY say:

    "I am/we are BETTER than you, and so deserve MORE than you... so that what YOU have... you should give to ME/US. For YOU, sinner that YOU are... don't DESERVE it... but I/we DO... and so God will be well-pleased with YOU... if you give it to ME/US... you unclean thing, you!"

    My Lord knows, such folks give me the... nevermind.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Brummie
    I think the crystal ball reading by some of the posters

    That makes it sound like its guess work, "most people" reading the "crystal ball" here have been JWs and lived with them 24 -7, its hardly guess work.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    A righteous man, as do most JW's, would shun his close family members against all natural laws, to obey a group morality.


    Good point as always. That is what separates Witnesses from other groups is the pressure to conform to the group.

  • dedalus
    I think the crystal ball reading by some of the posters as they confidently decry their motives is no different than the Organization's attributing the worst possible motive to most people's actions. I guess you are well trained.

    It is necessary sometimes to speak in generalities -- sociologists do it all the time. But sometimes it isn't a good idea. I don't, for example, feel 100% comfortable saying, as Michael did,

    And as long as one is a jw, then they are ALL STUPID LOVELESS BASTARDS!!!!

    That seems too much -- and it's just not true. A minority, or even a majority of a group of people cannot be said to represent every single individual in that group.

    What you can say, without lapsing into stereotype, is that, for the Witnesses who commit themselves to the doctrine of the organization, morality becomes meaningless -- what they consider good and bad, and their subsequent behavior, is derived entirely from the arbitrary doctrines of men with whom they are not even remotely acquainted.

    I never said I thought Witnesses were therefore bad people. But they are morally vacuous people. Sure, most of them, particularly the devoted ones (with whom this thread, I think, is primarily concerned), may not fornicate, gamble, swear, what have you. But the reason for these decisions does not derive from any introspective moral rumination, but from some halfwit article collecting dust on a shelf until consulted.

    Witnesses don't have a moral philosophy, an ethos -- just big mamma Brooklyn with her paddling stick glaring down at them. That's why, although they have the presence of mind not to screw around with other people's spouses, it appears perfectly normal for them to disown their own children, even while they are children.

    That's not "goodness," not in any meaningful sense of the word.


    P.S. Sorry for kind of repeating some of what HS said -- didn't realize I had until after I posted.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    And of course Hillary you are competely quailified to assess someone's heart condition. Most Witnesses don't glory in the concept of billions of people dying. That's not the way they look at it. You should know that if you weren't blinded by your own bigotry.

  • rocketman

    Dedalus's comments ring true, the more I think about it. It is a though they are "blank".


    Hey Porkchop,do yourself a favor before you challange hillary..Know what your talking about..LOL!.....OUTLAW

  • larc

    My thoughts are similiar to dedalus's. I think that most Witnesses are "other directed" rather than "inner directed". They look to the literature to decide how to act. They look to other members of their congregation to decide how to dress, talk, and behave. I am sure that there are times when some of them have inner turmoil, such as when they have to shun a relative or friend. Yet, for most, they will obey the rules from others rather than listen to the inner voice that tells them that what they are doing is simply wrong.

  • minimus

    When 9-11 happened, the reaction I saw most was sadness and pity for those that were killed. I heard only a couple of people that seemed to feel that it was a good thing.The majority of Witnesses were shocked and horrified. 9-11 helped more than a few Witnesses to see that we can't believe that seeing countless people die is a good thing. Most JW's aren't ready for Armageddon.

  • TresHappy

    Defining good in general terms: JW's can be very good people in the sense they pay their taxes, generally don't commit crimes (but if they do it will be covered up by the elders), and "love" their fellow men. But in the sense of that good - OK. But they can be the cruelest people also. Shunning is a horrible way to demonstrate "Christian love" and that's just the beginning. When I tell JW's I run into I am not one anymore, their mouths drop to the floor, they mumble something about apostasy and then scurry away. Can't they deal with the fact that there are people who just don't believe their load of you know what anymore?

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