Do You Think That Jehovah's Witnesses Are Basically Good People?

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  • minimus

    There's a lot of JW bashing here. We've all been affected by negative things because of the organization. But do you think that as a group, Jehovah's Witnesses are bad, or do you think that most of the Witnesses that you know are inherently good people???


    Of course there are good people who are JW`s..Unfortunately they are willing to do bad and over look bad things going on,if ordered to do so by WBTS...OUTLAW

  • rocketman

    I'd say that they are good people, by and large. They are perhaps deluded and controlled by a very strong religion, a very controlling one. But scrape that aside, and I think you find good people for the most part.

  • gitasatsangha

    neither good nor bad, necessarilly, but they, like all of us, have the potential for good.

  • ashitaka

    Soul-good or good in their actions?

    Soul-good, some of them. In their actions? Well, lets say that being kind towards all is a sham on JW's part. Some care, a whole lot don't. Many even hate, and can't wait for the ravens to pluck people's eyes out so they can take their houses.

    I think wanting an apocolypse to come about shows a gross indifference and hate towards mankind, and therefore makes you a bad person.


  • minimus

    I think that most JW's are basically good persons. They at least "try" to be good. Most would not steal from you but most would talk about you behind your back. The majority want to do good but they are stifled because they must wait for the go ahead from the elders and Society before they can exercise their humanity.

  • Englishman
    I think that most JW's are basically good persons. They at least "try" to be good.

    Yes, but what's their motive for being good? It's all about fear of what will happen to them if they're not good. How many are good out of at least some love for their fellow man?

    Give me a rogue over a JW anyday.


  • dedalus

    Witnesses are neither good nor bad -- they're blank.

    The morality of Witnesses is predicated on the directives of an organization that follows its own capricious whims. It's difficult to say, really, that Witnesses (the rank and file) are "good" people when most of them have relinquished all moral decision-making capabilities. One decision -- staying a faithful to the Organization at all costs -- determines the "good" or "bad" decisions a Witness will make for the rest of his life. That's why, whenever confronted with a conflict, Witnesses get that blank, dazed look, and run to do "research." There is no "good" and "bad" when you're a Witness, although Witnesses use those words. What they mean is "organization-approved" and "non-organization-approved." Morality is meaningless in the world of the Watchtower.

    Are Witnesses good and nice to neighbors, and do they feel some vague sense of brotherhood and agape and all that? Perhaps, but only because they're told to. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if Witnesses are "basically good people," it doesn't matter, because they can't take complete responsibility for that goodness. The flip side of the coin, though, is that when Witnesses are bad they can't take complete responsibility for those decisions either. The only thing you can really, truly, deeply blame a Witness for is being a Witness, persisting in a state of paralytic submission to a decidedly immoral, irresponsible, reprehensible organization. Everything else is peripheral.


  • dedalus

    Wow, I think Englishman just said what I said, using way fewer words!


  • freedom96

    Good people following blindly.

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