Our 19th YEA!!!!!!!

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  • SheilaM

    On Sunday Thunder and I will celebrate 19 years of Marriage(sixof 9 I'll get back to you on a total of times)

    First I wanted you all to know what a great guy he is and secondly I wanted to wish Thunder a HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. This poem I wrote him when we first met.


    Changes were expected,

    but after nineteen years to find that all things that sustained you are false,

    That love is a lie.

    That after you become a woman and start showing with child, it's hard to be Daddy's girl.

    Trying to come to grips with life,

    speeding in ovals, backwards, music blaring,

    fighting confusion.

    Seeing you a calm force compared to the world,


    Chaste as I wished to be,

    Talking allowing a soult to dream, fantasize,escape the realities of past years.

    Never accusing.

    Loving me as a lost sheep and more


  • MoeJoJoJo

    Congrats, you two & many more.

  • Brummie

    Great poem!!!

    Happy anniversary to both of you


  • cruzanheart

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You sound as happy as Big Tex and I are (and we're celebrating 20 years in June!). May you live to see your great-great-grandchildren!



  • gitasatsangha

    Congradulations and Happy Anniversary!



    My folks never made it past 14 years of marraige.

    That's truly impressive and to be commended Sheila...really.

    Thunder - that goes for you too .

  • SheilaM

    Thanks you all we are on our way to Branson (NO NOT COUNTRY SHOWS YIKES) for the weekend since I have school. We are going to a B&B and drive the Harley through the hills.

    I had to book a different B&B than we have gone to before and Thunder is freaked cause it is called the Payne Stuart room (he HATES golf) I am hoping it is nice it has a jacuzzi and a nice balcony etc.

    We love Silver dollar city they are having there world fest and the aritsans are out of this world. We love Bamboo Inn in Springfield they have served Brad Pitt and many others what is so friggin funny is that this place is such hole in the wall but their cashew chicken ROCKS LOL and is different than anywhere I have ever eaten. I introduced Thunder to that, the book the Little Prince (yes he is my rose) among other things on our honeymoon. Also we love Cheddar's which has awesome food and Lambert's which is "home of the throwed rolls" yes they actually make fresh rolls and throw them to you LOL

    Well, again thanks next year ITALY folks

  • manon

    Happy Anniversary Sheila & Thunder

    Doesn't time fly when your in love? I wish you both 19+ happy more years.


    p.s. keep writing poetry to each other soooo cooool!!!!

  • RubyTuesday

    Congradulations!!! You two are so fortunate to have eachother....what a perfect couple! May you have many many more wonderful years together.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


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