The witnesses in Sweden are in panic!!!

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  • happy man
    happy man

    Hillary ,lars.

    Well i dont think you understand the total chock how have came tomany JW in sweden.

    Even if it later showupp that media was littel unfair in some aspects, as you now they are not always fare,

    I think this program was to much fore many.

    To first the evening before the program read upp a letter that ,IF THE LAW SAY SO, we go to the police, evryone think wellt then we go to the police, BUT IN SWEDEN THE LAW DONT SAY SO,and that they dont say, and in the Tv prgram the wictim have playd in the comitemeting in secret, and they say to the boy we have seen you smoking, twice, and he say i feel very bad beaucause what happend to mee when i was raped and, it is very difficult fore mee to listen to the man how raped mee from the podium.

    and when the qestion come upp why they dont tell him to go to the police, they say we cant do that it is not under our power, it is upp to you, this dubbel talk was totaly dissater fore us.

    And to hilary and lars, many peopel have very good life as JWs, they have a hope, they live a fair life, thay heave laws they follow how help themin life, they have an unik brotherhoood all over the word, they are nota part of the mess the war and diffrent fighting about evrything in the word.

    This pedofile thing fore exampel is in evry religion even a preist haw was on a debbat after the program say we are no betterm we als hide this, so i can not find a better place fore mee dispite this problem.

    I also now from some info tht we have powers inside how try to dett ride of the bad inkluense how seems to get i on the GB,perhaps this media attention can help,look on the program and check the terribel welcome the journalist have in brooklyn ,UNBELEVEBEL

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    Happy Man,

    I just want to say that I am very happy to see your very sincere comments.

    I am also extremely happy that Jehovah is using Bill Bowen and the silentlambs to cause this pedophile cover-up to be exposed worldwide (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and more to come).

    Below is the Sweden Information Page on

    Swedish Program/Assignment-Investigate

    The Swedish program aired tonight and the response was tremendous! The guestbook was deluged with comments and many personal emails, so far all positive.

    Janne Josefsson fotograferas. Foto: SVT

    Reporter talks to elders, can you find the ministerial servant?

    At one point Jan spoke to an elder/subCO/Special Pioneer that admitted he was an unreported child molester. He said it was ok because his five alleged victims had forgiven him. Watchtower called an emergency meeting on Wednesday for all elders in Sweden. They were asked to meet at key locations for special instructions. The instructions? Shut up to media and disfellowship anyone that does not. The young brother that appeared on the program was called back for a a follow-up judicial hearing this Friday. Can you guess the result? After the program another cse was discovered in which eleven children were molested. Two JW molesters were reported to police the night of the first airing of hte program. The public is very upset with the way Watchtower has handled this matter. Numerous emails and phone calls have been 90% favorable to what was presented. All major newspapers and television stations reported on the story the following day. The viewership for the program was over 1.3 million which is quite significant in that Sweden has a total population of 9 million. A letter was sent to all congregations and is being read as we speak, the same rhetoric that has been followed for previous programs. The Media will be called demonistic and abuse survivors apostate liars for trying to protect children. Swedish program website has posted the program along with the current WT PR video on their response to the abuse policy allegations. Outrage and infamy are the first two words that came into my mind as I viewed this material. Below is a compilation of the WT response to the cry of victims to protect children. The videos are posted in streaming format on the Swedish website all should view this material to see the absolute wickedness perpetrated by this misinformation..

    Below are links and comments about each one. You have to go to the Swedish website and then click on SE deras eget material! link on the right side of the page.

    Philip Brumley. Foto: SVT

    Notice when the word whiskers start his nose starts to grow.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the Brumley picture to get to the links for Realplayer video.

    Though it is in Swedish at last count there were over thirteen pages of comments on the Swedish website guestbook.

    J. R. Brown

    The "Bagdad Bob" of WT Policy on child abuse-JR Brown

    1. Policies

    Mr. Brumley actually has the audacity to say that JW policy on abuse is far superior to other religions. He goes on to discount how the “two witness” principle is being used to determine the guilt of the perpetrator basically implying it is a non-issue. Not once does he admit any fault with policy but instead blames the elders for mistakes. Paid “experts” are used to make positive comments on policy and by their comments show their ignorance of how policy works. Interesting comments after ten documentaries have shown numerous rape survivors have come forward to say the opposite is true. 2. Jehovah’s Witness response to child abuse

    No admission of anything wrong with policy and the statement given “our top priority is to protect the child and then to assist the child molester…’ The governing body uniformly is interested in the welfare of the child but laws prevent elders from taking a blanket action.” These statements come across more self serving than as a description of reality. 3. Education through publications

    “We have a number of publications that educate about abuse.” Funny not one of these articles advise reporting to police. Once again paid “experts” make generic positive comments about policy they have not properly investigated and show their lack of ethics by insulting abuse survivors defending that policy. Mr. Stark exhibits particular ignorance of even how the Awake magazine is used at meetings much less how WT policy regarding abuse works within the congregation.

    4. How reliable are the views of dissidents

    Abuse survivors are insulted as being persons with an agenda who are trying to make money off coming forward. A swipe is also taken at silentlambs by implying abuse survivors are being exploited. The implication is clear that anyone who comes forward to media speaking out on abuse is a bad person with an improper motive.

    5. How to maintain moral standards

    Insult to injury, Mr. Rodney Stark actually discredits any abuse survivor that comes forward as disfellowshipped people who has some sort of agenda. Shame on him!

    Foto: SVT

    Another interesting picture posted on the webpage from Wt publications.

    Comments from viewers of the program:

    Comments="Just saw the Swedish programme on JW and paedophilia. Very interesting. It was quite revealing to see how all the JW spokesmen declined to comment, apart from on honest elder who plainly and honestly felt regret for what he had done.

    Do you know if any similar programme is planned to be made in neighbouring countries, e.g. Norway?"

    Comments="Hi! My name is Linda, I'm a 23 year old girl and I live in Sweden. I have no connection at all to JW. The reason why I'm writing to you is that I just watched a swedish televisionprogram investigating JW, about their so called "policy" regarding sexual child abuse. I don't have any words to describe how furious and frustrated I felt, watching the show!!! The reporter/interwiever (Janne Josefsson) had visited United States and the JW-headquarter and he also interwieved Bill Bowen, whom spoke of JW, and from this televisionprogram I learned about "Silent Lambs". I just wanted to tell you to keep up your excellent work and how much I admire your courage! I can assure you that this will be HEAVILY criticized in media and all over our country. Thank you!"

    Comments="I saw the interview wtih Mr. Bill Bowen made by Swedish TV as mentioned on your home site. I appreciate very much what your are doing and will study your material in detail. I wish your organization all the best. Sincerely, Sune Carlsson
    Stockholm, Sweden"

    Comments="Me and my son have some valuable information regarding Jesus Christ. After we saw a documetary today about child abuse in the organisation of Jehovas Witnesses we managed to find this site. We want to send some documents that need attention. How do we do that? It is not about children being abused but we think that you might be interested anyway. Best regards, Reymond, Sweden."

    This evening, one of our best renowned tv-program, aired a show about JW, and the issue with childabuse. Already a lot of reactions is showing!! The show was about the situation in this country as well as USA. This organisation (Silentlambs) was mentioned and mr Bowen was also interviewed. It is outrageous, how a so called cristian organisation can protect melestors. I am absoloutly convinced, that God in heaven is crying over this. It is the duty of all of us grown ups to take responsibility for the children of our world!!!!!
    Keep up the important work, Silentlambs!!!!!
    (Forgive my spelling *S*)

    My name is Erica and I live in Sweden. I´ve just seen the program "Uppdrag granskning" av Janne Josefsson. I´m really angry, I could´t believe that Jehovas witnesses acctually protects pedofiles! I´m not a jehovas witness and have never been. I work as a socialworker in Halmstad in Sweeden. I work in an apartement that investigate familys where children are abused in different ways. We have daily contact with the police so that we can give protection to the children. Jehovas witnesses really work for the opposit, they damages children! Jehovas witnesses should be forbidden to exist. Thank you for started this organisation. Can I find silentlambs organisation in Sweden?"

    Comments="I just watched the Swedish program that you mention on your home page. Although I am not a JW, I just wanted to tell you that it makes me hopeful about the world when I see people like you standing up for a cause they believe in.
    Thank you!"

    Comments="Today the 8/3-2003 i saw a program on swedish tv about the child abuse inside the jehova organisation and on that show i heard about your website. These words i write now i write in tears cause it makes me so happy that there is people like you out there that do everything to stop this unspeakeble things. I have worked with this questions for a few years my self after my best friend commited suicide just beacuse he couldnt live with the memorys of the abuse.. If i only hade the money i would really like to come over and visit you and see how you work. But for now i send my best regards to you all that work against child abuse and i wish you good luck.

    Best regards
    Pelle. "


    my name is Sara and I live in Sweden. Today I saw the documentary on Swedish television about the Witnesses protecting pedophiles and I felt very grateful that this documentary was shown and I felt very grateful towards Bill Bowen and everybody else who help people break the silence. I am not a member of the Witnesses - I am Jewish - but I know what it means to be silent about something like that. I am a rape survivor and I was not brave enough to break the silence and to report the men to the police. I believe that if society in general would speak more about this topic - about rape and sexual abuse - survivors would feel more encouraged to stand up and point at the rapist or the molestor. I had never heard anyone speak about rape, so when it happened to me, I was lost, I didn't know what to do, so I just kept silent for so many years and directed all my anger and despair towards myself. Every person who speaks out about this helps. That is why I want to thank you. You are ! doing something very important. My congregation stands by me, but I can imagine how devestating it would be to be left alone by the people you have always trusted. I hope you can reach out to many people and thank you again from my heart.

    Comments="Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Comments="I'm a swedish woman who just saw the show do jehova's witnesses protect pedophiles. I think that you do very important work. Keep it up! "

    Comments="to Bill Bowen.
    Hi saw you on swedish telivision and I must say I like your work, and I hope that you will continue. GOOD LUCK in the future. Regards Bror"

    Comments="Hi, I'm sitting in Sweden and I've just watched the program "Assignment - Investigation" that you have a notice about. It became a very good program! The impression of Bill Bowen was very good, and (not to surprisingly) the present members acted as the mind controled people they are. You're work - and the program - will surely be of help for people concerned. Thanks for your work!"

    Comments="I just saw the Swedish investigation “Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Protect Pedophiles?” and was totally chocked. I have completely changed my opinion on Jehovah’s Witnesses. You did a great apperence in the program. Thanks! Edward, from sweden."

    I want to thank for doing what it is you are doing, those sick people should not be able to protect each other for the law and continuing abuse children

    Thank you"


    right now Im watching a dokumentairy about this topic. I just wanted to say that Im glad for the work you do, myself Im not a member of that organisation but I have friends who is so Im following the question. Thank you for giving these children a chance to some selfesteem, future love and a true contact with a loving and caring God!

    /Jenny (sweden)"

  • Nordic

    Hi all

    How to se the program the link:

    And there you will se the text: Jehovas Vittnen skyddar pedofile, below you will se the text, læs mere, click there and you will be able to se the program. You must se it, ther is alot from USA, Brooklyn, Bill Bowen. And that is in English.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    He said it was ok because his five alleged victims had forgiven him.

    The amazing thing is he actually believes that.

    Publicity is good, in that it gets the public at large aware of a serious problem. But no change will come about until WTBS is forced to change. The Society will probably never treat rape victims and child abuse victims well, but I would settle for at least not protecting the offender. That's probably the best we can ever hope for out of this crowd.

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