The witnesses in Sweden are in panic!!!

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  • YourBadConscience

    Yesterday, swedens most famous journalist Jan Josefson, disclosed a pedofile scandal within Jehovahs Witness churches in Sweden. The show "Mission Review" was a one hour long execution of the "elderly organisation" within the churches and was really devastating for the witnesses and the chuch in general. We who saw the show are now convinced that Jehovahs Witnesses in Sweden now better hide themselves than seek new members, because what we saw was both disgusting as well as heartbreaking. Watch the show:

  • Celia

    Great news ! Advertise, advertise, advertise....

    Too bad my Swedish is a little rusty

  • Scully

    maybe "happi man" can do a translation for us....

    Love, Scully

  • Billygoat
    Too bad my Swedish is a little rusty

    Who is Little Rusty???

  • happy man
    happy man

    well I can tell you tha this program was realy something, I saw dateline and panorama, and I think this program was in a higer divison. I can tell that In my cong many are very deppressed,to see our leader in brooklyn hide them self and putt out some gorilla to try to fratning the journalist was a gigantik misstake,have the boys no meda training?

    They was so bigg that they almost fall over, some hownow if they realy have guards?

    When I talk to my friends in the cong evryone say,it must come a change,they are sure it will,and we have a letter reding upp to all conga that we now tell the authorietis if the law say so.Even if it is only one wittneses.

    Two stepp back,i can not understand why they draw this thing so fare, if they have listen to Bill Bowen they have saved us a lot of problem,now we have to take this when we go to the doors, we can not say no comments, or runn away.

    here I think we need a revolution.

    widh love from HM

  • Haereticus

    happy man

    Somehow I feel just the way you do about this Uppdrag granskning addressing extremely well our nordic temper. I have watched all three runs it has been on.

    Mark the finnjävel

  • larc

    Happy Man, I admire your sincerity. It must be very tough for you to see this happening. While the idea of a rebellion, revolution, or reformation is an appealing one, I don't think it will ever happen. Remember, theocracy is just another word for dictatorship. The Watchtower will only change as the result of legal pressure, and they will change as slowly as possible. In some ways the Catholics are better off. The members can freely criticize their church without fear of excommunication. They can work from within to try to reform their religion. The JW's can't do that.

  • hillary_step


    Well stated, and I agree with you regarding Happy Mans sincerity. I also very much sympathize, or at least sympathized with his desire to salvage something of worth from the WTS structure. It is an attractive idea, but unworkable. The phrase, 'that which is crooked cannot be made straight' comes to mind.

    Take care Larc and kindest regards to Zazu - HS

  • Pleasuredome

    happy man

    the only revolution there can be is if you all just walk away from the WTS. there's no chance of reform from within. bill bowen tried it and failed miserably. the power lies in your own hands though.

  • minimus

    Happyman, Just don't go to those doors. Maybe it will be another Bulgaria thing, They'll appease the Swedes because of the bad publicity and have only 1 witness instead of 2.

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