Ever have a day...

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  • joannadandy

    where nothing you do seems to go right?

    My whole week has been very stressful...I am working on my resume and essay to get a placement for student teaching...because numbers of student teachers are so high, and numbers of teachers willing to accept us are so low, well pressure is on to impress. We've been lectured for the last two months that if you don't strike on the formula they want, your gone. If you have one grammatical error, you're gone. If you don't have enough activities, volunteer hours, field experience hours...you're gone. Needless to say my stomach has been in knots for weeks...but this week was the pinacle of stress because everything is due tomorrow. Last chance...

    So I am hoping to catch my advisor at school for one last read through. She's not in her office. Second advisor...no where to be found...I figure I will try to look for them again after my noon class. I come to the parking lot to find the security people auto-clamping my car. Apparently I have outstanding parking tickets, and I parked in a 15 minute zone for more than 15 minutes. If I want my car, I need to pay 180 dollars, of money I don't have, for them to de-boot it...even tho they hadn't even finished locking it up yet...pleading wasn't working.

    Discover card to the rescue.

    But now I am late to class.

    I leave class, still in search of my advisors. I finally find one. She explains to me how I have filled out the wrong forms...I need to fill out new ones, get different signatures...tough luck finding people to sign papers late on a Thursday afternoon...but I found some...thank god!

    But now I am late to work...my new job...nice! This is my third day, and I am late.

    I hate my new job. It's sales. Simple enough in theory, but I don't want to sell warranty plans, I don't want to hook them into stupid rewards memberships that are worthless, I don't want to force subscriptions (I've had enough of magazine sales to last a lifetime)...I just want to help them find their damn CD's and DVD's and wish them a pleasent afternoon...but that won't cut it. I get reemed for not being aggressive...woo hoo!

    But I get to go home early...I take a bath...I am de-stressing a little. Planning on modifing a few things on my essay and going to bed...

    I walk into the sewing room to get a scissiors to see my cat, laying on the floor...in an odd position. Sometimes he sleeps goofy...I call his name...he doesn't move...I walk over to his little body to find him cold and not breathing...my poor kitty! I had just played with him that morning, he was fine! To say I was shocked was an understatement.

    He was very old, but didn't act like it at all. I assume he had a heart attack, or a stroke or something.

    My other cat I had to put to sleep early in September, I was still missing her, and just thinking the other day how I was glad I still had my other kitty to keep me company...and now he is gone too.

    But it's midnight...the day is over...no more hell...I hope.

    Ugh...I hate life.

  • Vivamus

    ((((((Joanna)))))) This too will pass.

  • joannadandy

    I found some pics of my cats...hope you'll all indulge me in a trip down memory lane...

    This was when we first got Ener, I was 8

    If you patted your chest and said "Hugs"he would reach up like this to "hug" you.

    No more kitties to cuddle...this is way worse than I thought it would be, sorry guys, I just needed a vent...and I have noticed lots of other people have had to say good-bye to pets recently too...why do they have to be so darn adorable and wonderful?

  • Fe2O3Girl


    Tomorrow must be better...............

  • cruzanheart

    ((((((joanna))))) Aw, I'm sorry you had a bad day, honey! Yes, some days it just seems that nothing is going to go right, so you may as well just grit your teeth and get past it. I hope today will be absolutely wonderful to make up for it. It's a beautiful day in Dallas, mid-70's, sunshine, and I wish I was out in it instead of being in this office!!!!



  • shera

    ((((Joanna)))) thinking about you.

  • nowisee

    my dear joannadandy,

    first let me say that i have enjoyed reading your posts. i love your humor and good common sense.

    i am sorry for this past stressful week you've been through. sometimes it just goes like that - it always rains when it pours, but you will get through it.

    finally, i am so so sorry for the loss of your cat. it is so amazing to me that these little loving creatures can become so special to us, we truly truly love them, and they love us back. they just get right inside our hearts. so, i guess you may have read about my squeak from your comments.....so you know that i understand exactly what you are feeling. my heart goes out to you.

    my best to you with love, nowisee

  • Angharad

    ((((Joanna)))) So sorry about your cat

    I hope things work out for you with the teaching, and get a little less stressful

  • Realist


    i am very sorry for you!!!! i have lost cats myself and know how sad it is

    you have to get new cuddly kitty cat

    I wish you the best!!!


    PS: your pictures are VERY CUTE!

  • Nikita

    (((((((Joanna)))))))) Sorry to hear about your kitty. Loved those pictures!

    Hope today is better for you!


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