I need help in writing a letter to disassociate myself

by kelpie 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • gitasatsangha

    Make sure you sign your letter, or they will send it back months later saying they can't proceed until you sign it.

    (who knew it could be so hard voluntarilly leaving)

  • hippikon

    Can you imagin the gossip in Coonabaraban when they make the anouncement that kelpie no longer wants to be known as a JW.

    Ahrrr That big city is an evil place - she shouldnt av left the safty o the bush. Full o demons that place be.

    My advice is also to write the letter but don't send. In fact destroy it after you write it. My reason "Don't play by their rules" Don't cut yourself off - If it must be let them do the cutting off. Then they can't say you turned your back on them.

    If you need a break come up to the big smoke for a couple o days. You'd love our kids - there more fun than puppies.

    Do you still have my number?

  • ashitaka

    Yeah, its definitely a good idea to move on, glad you're making the decision to just clear the board and let them know how you stand. Once subtlty fails, you need to think about yourself.

    Good luck,


  • gitasatsangha

    I agree, Ash. I tried the fade thing, for awhile, and I have seen other's do it too. But in the end, you always end up trying to be secrative, and always being worried about the elders. To hell with that, just send in a letter severing ties.

  • rocketman

    Kelpie, I'm sorry all this is happening. Generally, it seems that the recommendation here, as you are already noticing no doubt, is not to DA yourself if at all possible. I tend to agree with Scully and some of the others - write one, then put it away.

    As far as specific suggestions as to what to include, there are as you no doubt now many good threads that have posted much info on the various issues that would make a person suspect the jws as nothing more than a high-control group or even a cult, issues that range from their handling of child abuse to the UN situation.

    Here's a warm hug for you and I hope things turn out okay for you (((((((((((kelpie))))))))))

  • fjtoth

    I tend to agree with those who feel a letter of disassociation should NOT be sent. All that I accomplished by my own letter was merely to help me put in focus my reasons for leaving. Despite sending about a thousand copies to JWs around the world, I'm pretty sure that the only ones who read it are ex-JWs. JWs, including the elders, have a sense of defiling themselves by reading anything from someone who is a so-called "apostate." I was often there when the elders would read only the first few sentences of such a letter and then file it away in disgust. They had no interest in knowing what the rest of the letter had to say, that is, until the person made an appeal to get back in. Then they sometimes used the letter to turn the screws to make the "erring" person painfully aware of how wrong he or she had been and possibly still is.

    If you don't write a letter, and you just fade away, you leave open the opportunity to speak with JWs. After awhile, you may really wish you could. Human feelings take over, and you just wish you could know the health or other matters pertaining to some of them. After all, they were once as close as family. This would be my strongest reason for not writing. A letter will not convince any of them that you did the right thing by leaving, and it will only make ALL of them your bitter personal enemies. Does God want us to write such a letter? I really doubt that it matters much to him since the WTS is the same as any other part of this devilish world. People leave other denominations without writing a letter, and I really doubt that the WTS is of any greater importance in God's eyes than any other false religion.

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