Curious about Abortion Stand Now

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  • Oroborus21


    Ok this is not to say that only JWs are anti-abortion or that persons are not capable of fluctuating on this issue for reasons other than orthodox JW reasons or completely unrelated to them, *phew*

    but what i was wondering and my question for the exJWs here is this:

    Assuming your stance on Abortion as a Jehovah's Witness was against abortion,

    Have you changed your stance and if so why?


  • gitasatsangha

    I've modified my view a bit. I think it's wrong, yes, but should not be illegal. The woman is the sovreign ruler of her body, and all that is in her body. If she decides to destroy that which is her, or that which is within her body, so be it. There are consequences for every action, regardless.

  • ashitaka

    Actually, even as a JW I was pro-abortion. I personally would never do that, but people should be allowed to make sane medical choices in their life without interference from religion or government.


  • Scully

    I think the choice for abortion or against it should be up to the individual who is carrying the pregnancy.

    Personally, I would not abort any pregnancy I was carrying.

    However, I would not deny the right to choose to other women whose circumstances are completely different from my own. Having worked with plenty of single mothers over the past five years, I respect the ones who want to try to make the best of their situation and raise their children alone, but I also understand those who - for whatever reasons (pregnancy as a result of rape, severely deformed fetus, etc) realize that they lack the coping skills to carry the pregnancy to term and then raise that child and choose to have an abortion instead.

    Love, Scully

  • Gopher

    I understand that in certain situations there may seem to be no options. Hopefully the pregnant woman will consider putting the child up for adoption, as there are many good parents who could raise her child to be a productive adult.

    However since abortion is legal in the USA, we must leave it up to the individual woman. I would hope her choice would be to allow the child to live.


    I am pro-choice. A woman, if feels the need to terminate her pregnancy, it's her decision.

    If she wishes to keep it, fine by me.

    Either way, it's up to the individual. I would always hope that sexually active persons would be dilligent with safer sex practices, thus lessening the occurence of unwanted pregnancy.

  • TresHappy

    While I am totally against abortion, it's because I have been trying to get pregnant and I don't understand it. Who the heck am I to tell another woman not to have an abortion? There are no easy answers here...I guess I am against abortion but in a since pro choice?

  • Been there
    Been there

    I am pro choice. I can not tell another woman what to do with her body. There are many women who are better off not being pregnant and bringing a human being into their life. I myself could not abort a baby, I could not allow it to be a choice for my 15 year old daughter (we went the route of open adoption, my first grandbaby is a beautiful, happy, healthy and very loved 10 1/2 year old girl). I have to admit that an abortion would have solved alot of problems and heartache but I didn't feel that a life should be taken for my daughters mistake. There are many more options with adoption now then there used to be.

    I do not think that abortion should be used as a form of birth control, in place of self control. Accidents do happen with the best of precautions and for the most part people make the best of it, but there are times that pregnancy is not an option and I am happy for the ones that can make it safely.

  • onacruse

    A good question, one I haven't had to think about for a long time. The way I feel right now (don't hesitate to challenge me on my opinion, but also, don't expect a well-thought position; this is more from my gut than anything): it depends on when the abortion is done and why. When: As soon as possible after the unwanted pregnancy is discovered, certainly within the first trimester. Why: rape, fetal deformity.

    Among other things, I feel that late-term abortion techniques typically show such a lack of respect for life (snap the neck of or strangle the fetus while in the womb, and then drag out its lifeless corpse; that's legally not murder ). Or, having an abortion just because "we don't want to have a kid;" well, go to term and give "it" up for adoption. If you really don't want "it," then giving "it" up won't leave any emotional scars, right? ("it" repeated here in quotes deliberately to emphasize how de-humanizing abortion can be).


  • Athanasius

    This is not an issue upon which I would take a stand. This is an issue which each woman must decide.


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