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  • Mystery

    No one has come to my door yet. I know that someone in my family called a couple of years ago and gave them my address. They have dropped by a couple of times.

    If they make a last ditch effort and head out my way what is 1 Question I could ask to make them actually think? Especially if there is a teenager with them? A question with the most impact?

    Not what about the UN? Or the Blood issue? Those 2 arguments would fall on deaf ears, with the JW's my family.

    Just a simple question that would nag at one that had a small, teeny tiny doubt about the troof.

    What would your qustion be?

  • izobcenec

    What happened to the "generation, that will not pass away"?

  • greven

    Have you ever read anything from C.T.Russell, the founder of your religion? If not why not?

    Have you ever read anything from J.F.Rutherford, from around 1919 the time they were chosen to be channel? If not why not?

    Do you really know the history of your religion?

    Do you really dig for truth? If so, then why do you only read material from the WTBS and exclude all other sources of biblical material?

    How do you know you can trust them? Did you investigate? If not: why not?

    Can you truly say you have investigated if you only read material from one side?

    etc etc,

    Hope this helps....


  • funkyderek

    Didn't Jesus say: "Keep doing this until I return"?

    Didn't Jesus return in 1914?

  • goofy

    Wow Funky, I never thought about that. Wow

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Mystery,

    thanks for the post.

    Imho, funkyderek has a quite "simple" but...

    far reaching question. You should try it.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    PS Should you need more help...we are here!

  • Uzzah

    While it is true that Jesus commenced his return in 1914, and prepared the heavens to receive the 144,000 members of the bride class. This was only the beginning of his return and not the complete manaifestation of his return.

    So, while he returned he has not yet completely returned. Just as someone who is driving a car. Once he turns around he is in the process of returning but could not be said to have completely returned until he has arrived at the orginal departure point. Therefore it is clear that Jesus has returned.

    Uzzah - who really hopes people realize the above is just a typical Watchtower type response and not my personally held opinion.

  • Francois

    What was the last JW prophecy to come true? Um, and what year was that?

    That should keep 'em busy.


  • Charmed

    FunkyDerek: That's an interesting question. Thanks for bringing that up!

    Uzza: I can't believe that is actually what the WT says! This is something that as a good brainwashed member I would have accepted w/o question. I'm sure my family accepts that explanation w/o question. So do they still believe that Christ's return in 1914 was invisible or is it just that he's not totally here yet. I'm a little confused. I question things now, you see.

  • Blueblades

    So,Jesus returned in 1914,but,didn't get those guys out of prison until 1919,huh?Meanwhile back to 1914 he resurrected all his brothers who were sleeping in the grave,but, not the living,no he did not perform the rapture for them,huh?

    Meanwhile two books are written and studied at the book study,Isaiah,repeating 1914 and 1919 over and over again and again.Huh?Why are these guys still hanging around on earth?Maybe, just maybe, Jesus took a look at them and said,"Sorry fellas,you got it all wrong" and left them all here on the earth.

    And so it began and so it will end ,right here on earth.No 1914,no 1919,no rapture,no return,no memorial.OOPS! Just a minute let me show you right here in the watchtower were it says that in 1914 and 1919 ,1914 and 1919,1914,1919,1914,1919,that's right keep repeating it to yourself,you just might believe it,it just might come true.


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