Gh Gh Gh GHOST!!!!

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  • RR

    I just got back from Columbus, Ohio, where I attended a Bible Student convention, I stayed with some friends. One of the speakers was from San Diego, CA. and we stayed at the same home, in the evening he was telling us about Beth Sarim, having live just a few miles from there. He's in the real estate business, and told me that the owners are selling the house for $800,000.00

    Here's the strange thing. The family who live there are the original owners who purchased the house from the Society.Two sisters who grew up the house told this story. Their father shortly after living in the house became a drunk and womenizer. They say the house is haunted by the ghost of Rutherford's mistress, a blonde hair women who walks around the house.

    They told stories of her and said she threatened to throw their father off a balcony if he didn't stop drinking and womenizing, sure enough he died from a fall from the balcony.

    Unfortunately, Rutherford's not haunting the place!


  • Robdar


    Bizarro story. So, this blonde ghost threatened to throw the drunken, womanizing dad from the balconey? And then she did it? Sounds like these 2 sisters have the perfect alibi.

    Athanasius, a member of this board, would be interested in that story. He is writing a biography of Rutherford.


  • Swan

    Someone needs to confront this ghost and demand two pieces of ID. Only prophets of old are allowed to haunt that place and they must show the proper ID!


  • LyinEyes

    This is an interesting story, as I have been watching some haunted house stories on the Discovery channel. I am not sure what I believe about the spirit world, but when I was growing up in a JW home, elder father, mother on prescription pain pills, there were things that can not be explained away as anything but something in that house.

    At the time this was happening my dad was seeing a much younger sister and was having an affair, but I am not sure how long it had been going on.

    I heard , seen things in that house , I swear I wasnt sleeping, or drinking or taking drugs. My mother told me even more stories she had, then my sister told me some things that she witnesses. We were never all together when these things happened. But I was dating my now husband at the time, and he did hear one nite the same thing I heard......... and he also seen things there is hard to believe I know, but it happened. I am sure there are those who doubt such things, and even I have went over and over in my head for years what eles these occurances could have been and can only think of some kind of spirit forces.

    In fact because I witnessed these events , it makes me believe in a spirit world to a degree . Without experiencing these things myself,,,,,,,, now that I am no longer a JW or any other religion, I would probably be an atheist. But these experiences make me think there is something out there.

  • gumby

    The Farkmeister might be intrested in this as he has done an essay on the place and knows a lot about it's history.

    Are the two sisters witnesses?


  • RR

    No, these two sisters were never Witnesses, they grew up in the house their father purchased. They gave my friend a tour and began telling him the stories. Apparently this ghost was confined to only one side of the house.

    He told me the amazing thing was when the sisters would tell him the stories they would correct each other in details of the appearings.

    One amazing thing they told him was that witnesses would come knocking on the door witnessing not aware of who the house once belonged too. They kept a copy of "The Divine Purpose" book handy, and when the JW's would deny the story of the house belonging to Rutherford, they would turn to the page where the house is pictured, give it to the witness and tell him or her to walk back a few yards, most of the time their mouths woud drop and their eyes opened, when they confirmed it was the house.


  • gumby


    Apparently this ghost was confined to only one side of the house.

    Well I hope to heck this isn't how we live when we die. Being confined some where and making brief appearances!

    I am surprised the witnesses to whom the JW "purpose" book was shown to.......even knew about the house even after it being shown to then. Most dubs are ignorant of this old history.

    Thanks again for sharing this.......... it's intresting


  • RR

    Personally, I don't believe in ghost, only demons who deceive.


  • jillbedford

    Of course I have to reply to this topic.

    I am wondering how many non-witnesses would even entertain such a ridiculous story.

    As witnesses we spent many hours at meetings and in private discussions discussing evil spirits and the danger on demonism. If you were anything like my family, many, many yard sale items were thrown out, some burned because they were thought to be demonized. In fact I remember a booklet we had on the Tuesday night book study that dealt exclusively on the dangers of the occult.

    Personally, I was scared to death. Even to this day I am scared of such possibilities...... What a rediculous fear to have as an adult! Why weren't we all taught that the dead are unable to affect our lives in any way. But then there was this demonism. So much more powerful!!! And heaven help us should we turn away from the organization and be left unprotected.

    How different is this teaching than the fire and brimstone many churches teach?

  • hippikon

    This story brought to us by the same man that claimed Ruderfords face was chewed of by rats.

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