Bought 'True Believer" and 'Illusions'

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  • Satanus

    I bought 'the true believer' by eric hoffer, and 'illusions' by richard bach (started reading it). Among other things i did, i also bought a pound of starbucks coffee, and watched the sunset. Not a bad day. How was yours?


  • JamesThomas

    I love illusions. Read it several times throughout the years. I can see the grease on the page even now.

    JamesT (not JT)

  • tyydyy


  • DanTheMan

    Not such a good day today, but thanks for asking.

    My mom bought me Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I was a JW. I didn't get it. Maybe I should read it again. I just was reading the Amazon reviews for Illusions, seems like a lot of people like it.

    As for The True Believer, prepare yourself for one seriously sober, accurate, and dispassionate analysis of fanatical movements. Not a book for the faint of heart. In a way I found the book to be a little bit depressing.

  • onacruse

    True Believer was a real eyeopener. For the first time, I could see the WTS as just one movement in a wide panorama of similar high-control societies. Enjoy the read.

    I just ordered Illusions last week, it should get here in a couple of days. Does it have lots of pictures? LOL


  • gumby

    I really liked "true believers" watching the movie. Martin Sheen played the lead......correct?

    SS or someone......can you give a few tidbits from illusions? Is it also on video?

    James Thomas

    ....JamesT (not JT)

    LOL. You don't look enough like Suddam Hussien to be the real JT


  • Satanus


    It's in the novel style. Two guys making a living by giving rides on their biplanes. One is a miracle performing jesus/buddha. The other is the disciple. It's a quick, enjoyable read.


  • Mystery

    DanThe Man - your mom bought you Jonathan Livingston Seagull? Yes re-read it (it is one of my all time favorites). Was your mom a JW? If so I cant see her giving you a book about free will.

  • Loris

    I like to go to the local library when they have a used book sale. People donate books and the sale benefits the library. I found "The True Believer" at one of those sales. I had never heard of it before but the title caught my eye.

    The one that I have was published by Time Magazine. In the Editors' Preface it starts out by saying, "Dwight Eisenhower is not a man who goes about insistently recommending books on political philosophy. When, during his Presidency, he pressed Eric Hoffer's book, The True Believer, on his associates, some expected to find it a handy expression of Eisenhower's own beliefs. The book is certainly not that, and many other readers before and after Eisenhower have delighted in The True Believer while disagreeing with much of it."

    To me I found that tidbit facinating. I am sure that the editor missed the point of Eisenhower's interest in the subject matter. Was it the threat of Communism or was it the JW experience from his childhood? Did he see the similarity of the JW experience with what Eric Hoffer wrote about?

    It was a sort of depressing book to read since I am newly out of the Watchtower Prison. I am still at the "How could I have been so stupid." stage.


  • logansrun

    "True Believer" was excellent. Also, check out Michael Shermer's "How We Believe" for another good post-JW book.

    Take care,


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