The Next Vietnam?

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    Ok I said that, I forgot about that post. But still what is your point? This war isn't over yet.

    well first off, how about an apology for your know, the one where you tried to make me sound like a complete moron for ever insinuating you made such a claim?

    what is my point? how about actually reading the first post in this thread, and responding to it. "this war isnt over yet" doesnt answer the questions i posed.


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    I may be mistaken but I don't think people's objections were to the war plan but more to the reasons we were being given for the war.

    just wanted to put together a few more examples for you of what i was referring to in my original post....basically these are either comparisons to vietnam, or criticisms of the war plan (or both).......

    This war will unravel into an ugly mess and the US will get itself deeper and deeper in. I am afraid we have another potential Vietnam situation here.

    This is this century's vietnam, mark my words.

    two comments about the article you posted (about the reporter who was criticizing the war plan and got fired).....the second quote is yours:

    This war/invasion/liberation will meet it's true destiny. While being conceived, many months before 9/11, there were voices warning of it's fallacy.

    (bold/italic mine)

    Instead of focusing on what this reported said, which by all accounts was pretty accurate, I'd me more interested in questionin what Donald "liar, liar, pants on fire" bumpsfelt, sorry Rumpsfeld is coming out with.

    This will degenerate into a Vietnam quite easily. I don’t think you can expect anything less.

    No doubt the US will win the war but it maybe more costly in money and human lives than they are planning on. You are right if the Iraqis play their cards right they can make this the US's 21 century Vietnam. Remember the Americans thought that that would be a short war until 7 years later and they found out that you couldn't beat them at their games. The US went home humiliated. Only time will tell but like I said I think the US is underestimating what they are getting themselves into.

    Its been a bad day for the coalition.A soldier tries to frag his commander, Tornado gets downed. 5 US captured. The Iraqis are not lying down. It will only get worse as the coalition near Baghdad. It will take a long time to take if it does.

    US Will Lose War, Says Former
    WMD Inspector Ritter

    Lacks Sufficient Forces To Capture Baghdad

    I'm not alone in thinking this will end up in a mess.


    Picture the scene:

    You buy a new Tom-Clancy type game for your XBox / PS2 / PC and rush home to play it. You guide your soldier through the enemy terrain and discover an enemy outpost ... which then surrenders. Hmmnn ... pressing on you come across more enemy, they all surrender too. The 'enemy' people welcome you with open arms and you are declared victor and given a high score.

    What would you do?

    You'd take it straight back to the shop saying it was totally unrealistic crap!

    unless ...

    ... it is a war-game for the pentagon - in which case you base a whole military campaign on it, commit hundreds of thouands of troops and billions of dollars to it.

    Maybe I'm being a little unkind but this does seem to be the gist of it ! so, theres a quick list sure theres a bunch more i can dig up if you like. aa
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    I have little doubt that the lingering effects of the war will persist for many years...

    yeah, many of us have the concerns you expressed about post-war iraq. i was mainly zeroing in on all the criticisms of the u.s./u.k. war plan, as they were running wild a couple of weeks ago.....some at the time wouldve had us believe that we would actually lose the war, which i always thought was preposterous. but your points about the future possibilities are no doubt valid.


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