WHY PAY FOR Ex-Spouse to Squander funds? FOR DAYCARE?

by YoursChelbie 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • freedom96

    Yes, it is very annoying to watch your ex spend child support on lavish trips etc. But, as Outlaw says, there is nothing we can do about it. I have never heard of a judge asking for an accounting of where the money goes.

  • neverthere

    Are you saying daycare is squandering funds? If so isn't the daycare so she can go to work? To support the child(ren).

    I hate this kind of thing. My ex refuses to pay support, even quits his jobs in order to avoid support payments. I have used the money for many things that you might consider squandering, once I used it to buy a suit so I could go on job interviews so I could support my kids. Once I used it to pay late bills because the money I would have used to pay them went to food cause the support is so irregular that I had to feed the kids. Once I even used it to take the kids to the movies!!! Oh the horrors!! Instead of "supporting" them I entertained them.

    My ex is so deep in debt to me it isnt funny, he only has to pay 210 a month and that is for both kids not for each kid.


  • berylblue

    Speaking for myself, I spent EVERY LAST CENT that my ex gave me for child support on my daughters, and then most of my money also. I gave them the things they never had when he was around.


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