I finally let her have it...

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  • Billygoat


    I don't have a sister, but I know how difficult it is when family shuns us. It hurts like no other hurt in the world. Especially when we KNOW it goes against EVERYTHING that Christ taught on earth and it's coming from people who claim they are Christians. Just know that I understand and sympathize. Your letter was necessary and very genuine. I hope your sister isn't ignoring it, but maybe taking some time to think about your words. Sometimes I give the healthiest response when I mull over it a day or so.

    God bless sweetie!


  • bikerchic

    (((((((wolf girl))))))

    I applaude you for your straight forward letter. I hope it gets the responce that you truely need from your sister which is a loving responce.

    I feel for these people because they really think what they are doing is right, they are so very blinded by the dogma of the WTS they can't even see the black and white verses in the Bible.......go figure!

    Hang in there girl, my thoughts are with you and my concern as I see this in my future with my JW family.



  • Wolfgirl

    Thank you. :)

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